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How Much Should I Pickup ?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by hispanicturtles, May 21, 2013.

  1. So I'm getting some moneys either 80 or 150 quid ($121 or $230) tommorow and I was either gonna get a half or quarter ounce , people are telling me it's a waste since my tolerance is like at half a gram right now but I wanna get  a half ounce or quarter so why shouldn't I ? any advice or $0.02 would be appriciated 

  2. Quater, my tolerance is low too (half a gram aswell), a quater will last you ages. Make sure he weighs the bud though, easy to be ripped off if you buy in bulk
  3. Yeah I say go with a quarter, save more money, and get a different strain for another quarter later on!
  4. why not 2 quarters of 2 different strains?  :hello:
  5. I'm with this guy^.
    But the people who say dont buy bulk because you have a low tolerance are stupid. Low or high tolerance always buy in bulk when you can.
  6. The more the better, because if you buy in bigger quantities sometimes they cut you a good deal. On top of that you don't half to deal with the dealers as much.
  7. Buying in bulk saves money. Get the half and throw it in a mason jar.
  8. i would go for the quarter. for example: if one gram is ~10 quid, then the price per gram of the quarter would be 8£ per gram b/c 80/10 = 8. the price per gram for the half would be 15£ because 150/10 = 15.
  9. FUCK I love weed and the people surrounding it :')

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