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How much should I pay for one weed brownie?

Discussion in 'Incredible, Edible Herb' started by OntheDopethrone, Mar 15, 2013.

  1. So a buddy of mine makes and sells pot brownies. I cant remember if he used a quarter ounce or half ounce, but i know he used reg and made a batch of 12. He made 8 pretty small ones which he sold for 5 bucks, and 4 bigger ones which he sold for 10. (I just got 2 small ones because you get more with two small ones than with a big one) anyway I was wondering if this is an okay deal. I KNOW that he is overpricing the bigger ones because, well fuck, i'm not paying 10 bucks for a brownie with reg in it. ANyway, what do you guys usually buy brownies for?
  2. I usually make my own so I dont buy. But I have bought a brownie once at a dispensary and it costed me $8. It was about the size of a rice krispie treat, like the individually wrapped ones that come in a box of 12 or so. I didnt feel much from it.
  3. I had some friends that bought a pound a schwag and made brownies with 1.5 each of them and tryed to sell them for 25 each lol never buy brownies they could put any amount in and if you say they hardly did anything or nothing at all they will just be like " oh we'll they got me high as fuck sorry man"
  4. There is a big hippy fair here every summer and people sell them for $5 . They are normal sized brownies. I've paid $5 for a lolipop that really fucked me up.
  5. Size doesnt matter, a 3x3 inch brownie can have a .1G or a .25x.25 inch can have 2Gs. My friend makes 28 tiny brownies with an oz and everyone knows they are good. You can even eat 1/2 with no tolerance and get fucked up (the size of an avg bite, maybe less)
  6. 5 bucks is reasonable for a nice brownie or a fat joint which is fat but less a gram
  7. edibles are not my favorite to purchase due to many inconsistencies, make your own man. Butttt if you are buying them $5-7 bucks is solid any more isn't worth it. I've bought dispensary grade cookies for $5 bucks that were the best edibles i've ever had but your homie made them himself so i doubt they are as good so i wouldn't pay any more than that

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