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How much should I pay for a gram of DMT?

Discussion in 'General' started by Heavenly Scythe, Nov 28, 2007.

  1. I figure smoking a half gram would give me a level 5, no? I just need to know what the price be...
  2. NO NO NO !! DMT doses are usually milligrams man..grams can be really expensive..

    dont think that you could smoke a whole gram..it would kill ya dude
  3. Damn...I want DMT :(
  4. ordinary people give their life for it, I have never seen or heard of it around my town, and I dont have the balls to try it.
  5. Its wonderful. It was several dark trips for me, where I confronted the 'demons' in my own life. Helped me become a better person, but hell was it weird and fucking scary.
  6. isnt the trip really short? if so who cares how scary it is if itll be over really fast. I've never heard of it in my town either but I would for sure try it
    im gonna to extract some from some mimosa hostilis or somethin when I get my own place probably early next year, it takes a while though
  7. I know of one dealer in my town that deals it. His bro tried it and said its some potent shit. Said he tripped fucking hard on it! I dont want to try it though, not man enough:D
  8. i think the dose is around the 50mg area if your smoking it, maybe even less. my friend said he smoked a very small ammount each time.
  9. Smoked DMT Dosages
    Threshold\t2 - 5 mg
    Light\t10 - 20 mg
    Common\t20 - 40 mg
    Strong\t40 - 60 mg

    Onset : 15 - 60 seconds
    Duration : 5 - 20 minutes
    Normal After Effects : 15 - 60 minutes
  10. haha i recognize the dosage charts from erowids anywhere ^^^^
  11. no im pretty sure around 60mg will have you in another dimension, a half gram would probobly shoot you into insanity
  12. Haha there is no way you would be able to inhale .5 g of DMT. It will generally leave you in another dimension before you exhale your first hit. 30mg is a good first dose, you should break the veil with that. Based on your question, however, you should do a LOT more research before trying it. DMT is a drug that commands great respect.

    Good luck! ;)
  13. dude people hit another universe on like a rip off a 10th of a g sprinkled on a bowl of weed. dont die.
  14. Much less than that even. Here's Erowid's dosage chart. This should help out a lot.
    Smoked DMT Dosages
    Threshold 2 - 5 mg
    Light 10 - 20 mg
    Common 20 - 40 mg
    Strong 40 - 60 mg
  15. I hope the owners of Erowid make a crapload of money off of it, I bet that site gets MASSIVE amounts of traffic. Also one of the best resources on the internet, up there with Google and Wikipedia.
  16. I agree, Glass Jar. Erowid is the shit. I have it set as my homepage haha.

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