how much should i pay for a decent bubbler?

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  1. my local headshop sells some shitty ones for $150!!
    such a rip off
  2. define decent.

    You must have high standards for decent then because to me a decent anything is something that functions.

    A bubbler at the shops I go to are usually priced around 40~60 bucks for a 10 inch glass piece.

    Price depends on the piece, is it glass, plastic, metal etc.

  3. i was looking at a 3 chamber bubbler today and they said they wanted $55 for it
    is that a reasonable price to pay?

  4. Again, reasonable is defined by the consumer (you).

    Sure, that could be a good price, but, bro, you have the illadelph insignia on your sig, are you really worried about price? If not, you shouldn't need a bubbler since your rockin' the illadelph, right?
  5. I've paid around 60 for a solid american prodo gong double bubbler.
    I've also paid 250+ for a worked multi-arm can bub. It's all up to you.
  6. ^^^ if you get a 10 arm worked bubbler yeah it'l be like 300, it all depends, post a pic of somthing simmiliar to what your looking for.
  7. op - just to give you an idea...

  8. My favorite bubbler I've ever had was $65 at a local head shop. Sadly, it broke. :cry:

    I wouldn't pay anymore than that personally (unless it's a nice heady piece), but that's based on the shops around my area.

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