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How much should I pay for 1g of hash oil?

Discussion in 'Tokers Q&A' started by davidhseo, May 31, 2012.

  1. My guy says he has hash oil. This is the first time I've ever heard of somebody selling it in my area and I've been toking for years. Anyways, he wants $90 per gram. Is that too much? Is he busting my head? Also, how do I know if the quality is good or not?
  2. at $90 a gram, look him straight in the eyes and bring your middle finger to the sky.
  3. $90?? The fuck? No way, 20-25 max. He's messin with you at that price.
  4. 20-25 max? lol no.

    GOOD bho goes for around 30-50 g

    Find a new connect. Seriously.
  5. ^ Agreed! $90 is a sucker price!

  6. 1g bho $40-60 on quality in cali dispensaries
  7. [quote name='"T r i p p i n"']

    20-25 max? lol no.

    GOOD bho goes for around 30-50 g

    Find a new connect. Seriously.[/quote]

    Good BHO sells for $40, and no where did he state he was getting BHO. Hash oil could mean a variety of things. Guess $25 was a little low, but that's a price I'm used to spending.

    Should stay away from BHO anyway; unless it's purged to absolute perfection (which most isn't), then the chances of inhaling butane extracts outweighs the benefit.

    Find yourself some nice budder, ice wax, something.
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    Yep, I actually havent been to a club where BHO was higher then 45/g so steer clear of that man.

    Edit: this was geared to the OP, CaliOgKush is absolutely correct about club prices.

  9. Even that's whack as hell.. I wouldn't pay over 25-30 for a gram of anything

  10. anything? ;)
  11. fuck it, I have money to blow right now and hash oil will never ever be around again in my area. Atlanta Georgia that is. I'm going to get it and enjoy it. Btw, I think it is bho and he said they purified it and took out all the chemicals and stuff. I'll post a picture once I get it tonight.
  12. Do you have a "rig" to smoke it with?
  13. About 30-40/g is around the average price, a lot of wax isn't purged correctly so you should always repurge any BHO you buy, i turned sizzling goop to stable shatter with ease, you can too.

    90$ can smd..
  14. Ya for 90 a g i'd say it better be BHO, and come with a complimentary hand job. Just sayin.
  15. here im Kansas you'll be lucky to find oil for leas than 50 a gram. its usually 70-90 depending on bho, or if its Lebanese blonde or Moroccan black
  16. OP please post pics of the hash oil when you get it.
  17. Most oil is 30-40$ a gram, sometimes 50$ a g for rick simpson oil. (90%+ THC)
  18. Yeah 90$? I'd tell him i'd pay half, and thats pushing it. And it better be the best motherfucking oil i've ever seen.

    Depending on your area I'd just spend that 90$ on a quarter/half O of some good shit.:smoke:
  19. Oh if it's made from top shelf bud it's not a ripoff because its like 4 grams you are buying concentrated. You pay a little extra because you could set yourself on fire or your house lol
  20. Just ask for a free dab.

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