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How much should I get? (first purchase)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by RealRatBastard, Mar 7, 2014.

  1. Alright, I am now back from the doctor and have my recommendation complete with seal.
    Now I am wondering how much I should get.
    Around here 1 gram costs about $15-$20.
    Being that I am using it for stress, anxiety, insomnia and pain relief, not for recreation (Not that I have a problem with those who do) how much should I get?
    Would a gram last me a while if I smoked a small pipe once every other day or so? 
    Or should a get a larger amount?

  2. Glad you got verified! Depending on your tolerance, and bowl size a gram can last you anywhere from one session to four days. It's really up to you, I go through about 3.5 grams a weekend but my tolerance is pretty high and I usually smoke with others. I would suggest starting low, buying a gram, seeing how it affects you. If it is not enough, buy more. It's really about trial and error to find the perfect dosage for yourself.

    Not your average smoker 😏
  3. if you never smoked in the past you'll need very little to feel it. A gram could last you around 5 sessions, but it really depends on how medicated you want to get.
  4. If your only planning to smoke once every other day then a gram will last you a week easy, more then a week. But it's alot more economical price wise to buy in a little weight. A 1/8 would probably last you a month. Really depends on how big of a bowl you pack. You probably won't need more then 2-3 hits each time since your tolerance is low. Also you might not feel the effects the first couple of times. Best thing to do would be take 1-2 hits off your pipe and wait 10 minutes or so and if you aren't feeling anything take another 1-2 hits.
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    I would get 1/8th (~3.5 grams). Also make sure to ask for an indica strain, it should be better suited for helping you with what you listed.
    For your first time actually smoking, just take it slowly. 1-2 hits, and wait ~15 minutes, rinse and repeat. It's normal not to feel anything your first or second time smoking, so keep that in mind. 
    Take it easy, and good luck! Tell us how it goes ^_^
  6. when i was new to smoking a g GRINDED UP would last me 1-2 weeks in a pipe because my tolerance was so low. If u grind it you will get more out of it and if you use a pipe you will conserve ALOT more than if you were to roll a j.
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    You did say you don't smoke for recreation purposes, but you didn't say whether you have smoked pot before or not. Keep in mind that if it is your first time, a lot of people don't get the full effects or even any effects of THC the first time smoking. 
    If it is your first time, I would get a gram or two just in case you end up dis-liking pot or don't like the strain which is fairly common with first time medicinal marijuana patients. I hope the medicine works well for you and all goes well, cheers!  :smoke: 
  8. I have never smoked pot before, no.
    Luckily my neighbor is willing to hook me up with a  1/8 about 4.5 grams for $30 (he got it from the dispensary for 40)
    he offered to me my mentor and help me get started and eventually help me become a connoisseur so I can help myself.
  9. Now you neighbor is hooking you UP.... become great friends with this person 
  10. I certainly intend to. 
  11. Right on, that is nice of him. Make sure you take a couple of small hits and wait about 10 minutes or so to be in control. There is such thing as being uncomfortably high for a lot of people and it is not harmful to the body but it can be a crappy experience.
  12. Haha now you're getting into it. Make sure when you smoke you inhale the smoke man. Like hit it, take the pipe out of your mouth then inhale deeply and hold for like 5 seconds. You'll be good after a hit or two haha
  13. Yeah, make sure you inhale. First time I smoked, I didn't know what to do and I didn't inhale, so I never got high.

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  14. Let us know how your first time smoking is!
  15. Just give your dealer 3 bucks then hold your shirt out, he should give you enough precious bud to fill your shirt up
  16. Last night was my first time.
    It only took two hits to melt my face. Me and my "mentor" were so stoned we thought the rabbits on the ice cream wrappers were running from us.
  17. :

    For pain indicas are better but for me ive found that.sativas actually help my anxiety and insomnia a lot better.

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  18. If you are a non smoker a gram can last you ten sessions with .1 each, no joke. 2 hits off a pipe and you will be high for 2 hours or so.

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