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How much should i expect to pay for an o?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TurtleWeekend, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. I payed 50 for 1/8 of some decent dank.
    an eighth is 1/8 of an o right?
    so... 50x8=400. 400 for an o? something must me wrong.
  2. 380 an o for dank is reasonable in my area. Usually you get some sort of discount because your buying in a larger amount.
  3. Depends on what you are getting really. I've got a z of some ok mids for $100 and I've seen some awesome afro berry bud for $360. The more you buy in bulk, the lower the price should be per gram.
  4. Your math is correct but usually dealers give you a discount for buying in bulk. If you're paying 50 for an 1/8, I'd say the oz is about 300-350?
  5. btw 50 an 8th is ok if it's really good shit. I get mine for $45.
  6. 350 sounds about right.
  7. True, but my dealer is pretty unreliable, ive bought what he called dank from him that was flat and hard and looked old. so i dont really know.
  8. If it's flat that means it was compacted and was shipped in from somewhere else. Don't buy compacted weed, get buds, that you can see the crystals and hairs on.
  9. i bought that shit for 20 too. ^
    maybe its time for a new dealer?
  10. Probably. 20 a gram? If yes then definitely time for a new hookup. That price is good but only for crippy.
  11. i say anywhere from $300 to $350. You don't wanna pass 350
    i bought a qp of white widow for $750
  12. Hmm let me see now, $20 a gram, $45 an 8th, $85 qtr, $160 a half, $320 a Z. That's the normal pricing for me, I think... Sounds right at this time anyway.

    If I get compacted dirtweed? I've only seen a qp of that once and it was $200. Still not worth it.
  13. What's a z? :eek:
  14. Z = zip =oz =Ounce
  15. I see. I'm probably going to start a thread and post a picture of every pickup, just to keep a record and to get advice.
  16. I pay 320 for super dank and about 250 for a ounce of lower grade dank
  17. Haha 200 is a QP if you are buying some dirt shit lol. The kind that don't get you high even if you smoke 4 joints in succession XD

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