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How much should i expect to pay for a solid spoon or bubbler?

Discussion in 'Smoking Pipes, Glass Spoon Pipes' started by irieeye, May 30, 2009.

  1. title is the question, give me some of your price knowledge please.
  2. Well, it depends GREATLY.

    I've seen a dry piece go from 10 bucks to 200, and a bubbler? 30 bucks to 600+

    Realistically, a simple spoon will probably cost between 20 and 40 dollars, while a decent bubbler will usually go from 35 to 60+ dollars.

    If you want to get heady glass, expect to pay much more.
  3. depends what 'solid' is and where you live, but around $30 for an average spoon or bub
  4. Anywhere from $15-$50 depending on glass thickness and quality. You can get some pretty nice bubs for $40-$50 and spoons for $20-$30 around here.. as in nice, I mean one that catches your eye and begs you to smoke out of it.:bongin:
  5. I think about 60 should be the maximum for a good-sized, fairly thick, single-chamber bubbler. 40 should get you a really good spoon, not anything "artistic", but something very thick, with good colors and a nice shape.

    That said, you can find better deals, depending on your location.
  6. My spoon is very solid and I got it for about $20. And a solid bubbler could be anywhere from $30-60.
  7. I bought a bubbler for 22 dollars here in my city. Chinese glass is very, very inexpensive.
  8. It depends on a lot of stuff.
    The head shop, artist, size, quality...
    Spoon range any where where from $10-$200+ depending on the size and design...
    I got my first spoon for 25 bucks and its a decent size.
    Bubblers are a bit more expensive. I have never bought one.
    Cheapest I have seen for one is about $30
  9. I just bought a sick little color changing spoon for 32.50 or something after tax and the glass is thick too.
  10. i dont spend less than 150 on any of my drys :p

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