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How much should I buy?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by bootz999, May 18, 2010.

  1. So im new to the whole buying process, and I need to know how much I should buy for 3-4 people to smoke one time?
  2. if buying dank (high quality bud, high thc%), a gram should be more than enough.

    if buying reg/mids(lower grade, lower thc%, cheaper), you may want to buy 2.

    how are you planning to smoke it? are you using a piece or are you rolling joint/blunt? because joints and blunts take quite a bit(bout half gram for blunt of dank (in my area), about .2 - .75 (the way I roll them) for joint of dank (also in my area)).

    you would probably be best off with a bowl/chillum/bong or some other piece. Or just go all out and roll up a 1 gram blunt of dank, and blow your minds away.

    have fun
  3. hm,
    for a sesh of 4 people,
    you'll need at least like a 1.5 of nice chron,
    2-2.5 of mids-anything else
  4. What are your buddies tolerances like? I would get an eighth, roll a fattie, hit some glass and have enough for a wake n bake the next morning and then some :smoking:
  5. danky - a gram
    mids - half-eighth - two grams
    regs- eighth

    have fun youll proably be picking up reg or mids, i take it you new to smoking.
  6. i would say an eighth, better to have some left then run out :)
  7. Three of four of my friends and I can go through an eighth of the best easily but we've all been smoking a long time. Still, I'd go with at least an eighth if you can afford it; you'll usually wind up paying more if you buy grams. Don't feel like you have to smoke it all, but having more than you need is better than running out.
  8. depends on the tolerance and how long/how many seshes you want to have, i know if its me and my boys we all just get a half 8th or 8th each to chill, we always get enough to have a good amount left over tho...never run out its not a good feeling..i always have at least a half 8th for personal
  9. Buy as much as you can (It's ultimately cheaper) and smoke as little as you need to to get where you want.
    For 3-4 people my friends and I would normally all pack one bowl each in the bong and we're good, sometimes more depending on how I feel. If you're new to the buying process, I'd imagine you wouldn't need more than a gram for that one sesh, I smoke daily and .3 can easily get me where I need to be. Then again I use top shelf medical marijuana.
  10. Ok sweet thanks guys, i think im gonna get an eighth so that I ca have some left over for another time, I wish i could do wake and bake but i gotta drive afterwards =(
  11. yah that will last you for a while if your a newbie
  12. He probably is a newbie.
    Most stoners I know drive high everyday, which I myself do aswell.

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