How much should i be watering? +REP for QUICKEST HELP!

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  1. 4 *5 gallon buckets
    2/3 full (about) with soil/perlite.

    i have seedlings that are above soil now.
    i need to know how much to water them in veg stage of growth
    they are tiny right now
    just came up above soil yesterday or so

    how much should i water ?
    and how often .

    help !
  2. keep the area around the seedlings moist for the first few days, then water when you can feel the top few inches of soil are dry.
  3. Water whenever the soil is dry 1-2inches below the surface this goes for any stage, you cannot say how often because that depends on how big the plant is etc. So just check the soil and when its dry like i said water until water come out the bottom GL.
  4. Hi. This is what Ive been doin for the past 30 years.
    The seedlings can stay put for now. Let them open up their
    little round cotyledons and then their first "real" set of leaves.
    After the real set has emerged and opened up, for this first stage,
    water as needed - not soaked - nutes yet.
    Transplant to bigger pot after 2 weeks

    From here on in I let the plant tell me when it needs water. If I
    stick my finger in the soil all the way (2 inches) and its dry - the
    plant needs water. When I water, I ensure I have drain holes at
    the bottom of my 5 gals so I can water until runoff appears. Now
    I know the soil is thoroughly watered. I start nutes every 2nd watering
    after week 2. You will instinctively know just by looking at your plant
    if it needs water after a while. Hope this helps. Cheers.
  5. thats for the help guys/girls

    iv +rep'd you all.

    i havnt water'd enough yet to see water come out the bottom.
    i have them in 5 gallon buckets.

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