how much should i be watering my plant?

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  1. this is my first grow and my little girl just poked thru the soil. jw how often and how much i should be watering her. Thanks evrybody love this site!!!
  2. that all depends on your growing conditions, temps, humidity, pot size etc...but for the quick answer put your finger in the soil and if the the top 2"-3" (depending on pot size, the bigger the pot, the deeper your finger goes)are dry give a little water, let it sit for a few min and water not overwater, underwatering will stregthen the roots, but will also stunt growth if too dry. but get the feeling of the weight of your pot when its fully watered and when its dry, that will help alot
  3. thanks bro! and my pot is about 10 and a half inches in diameter and 9 and a half inches deep if that helps
  4. When you water, thoroughly water until the soil is saturated and you get runoff out the bottom. I think when bcharley was saying to water a little what he was getting at is don't dump all the water in at once and flood the pot, you have to put it in a little at a time so the soil soaks it up, but give it a lot of water in a single overall watering.

    Then, no water at all until the soil dries out a bit. You can poke a finger in the soil to tell, or learn the weight of the pots, or other methods.

    Don't go by a calendar -- the soil and plant will tell you when it's time. It might be every other day, it might be every 3-4 days, it might be once a week. And that interval could change for the same plant throughout the grow.

    Also understand that you cannot overwater in a single watering, any excess will just run out the drainage holes. Overwatering happens from watering too frequently. Specifically, if you try to keep the soil constantly moist it will drown the roots and beneficial microbes in the soil.
  5. yea thats a decent starting size, dont transplant too late, so id say veg for a week or 2 and transplant. but make sure you do not over water your seedling..
  6. yea thanks for clearin that up maybe i was a little too vague, that's what happens when you smoke before you even get out of bed.:smoke:
  7. hahaha i swear. well thanks guys

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