how much should i be spending on soil........nutes?

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  1. :smoking::smoking::smoking: but how much should i be spending on soil, wanna get the fox farm, located in norcal so the widely available, what about nutes, just enough for a 2 plant grow,
  2. can any one post an example budget(s)....havent seen a sticky post like that
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    2 plants 1 big bag of ocean forest $20 will do 2-5 gal buckets if not more
    nutes It depends on what company you go with you may be able to get away with grow big $15-20 and tiger bloom exclusively if your on a dime. I have heard of people doing this.
    I use FF GB for vegatative growth then i use the FF Tripack for Flowering $80 and will last you for years
    I haven't found any need or want to seek out any other company.

    Imput needed from the crowd what nutes should he use?

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