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  1. I have a big black barrel thats hidden in my closet behind clothes a chest and sleeping bags. its 1ft and 10.5 inches from side to side(its round) and its 2ft and 4.5 inches deep. the insides are black but im putting white silk around the sides and i was wondering how many plants do u think i can grow in there
  2. Might wanna add the height of your grow room as well.
  3. I'm thinking that when he said 2'4.5" deep he was referring to height.

    I don't understand this idea of a barrel in a closet. What kind of a barrel, and what is it doing there? If that is what you hope to use as your grow space it is extremely small. That sounds like a footprint of under 3 sq ft, but because of the round shape you will be hard-pressed to get more than one plant in there. And your height is very short, you should look for a way to extend that up or else look at Lowryder. Finally, since it's a barrel it sounds like you will only have access from the top, that would make working with more than one plant more difficult.
  4. i put the barrel in my closet and i guess i could just fit 1 plant in there and i might be able to make it taller but how taller? the barrel is a water barrel made of thick plastic, but i was thinking of building a box for 3-4 plants but wut size would that really need to be?
    well i did have a picture of it drawn but i cant put it on cause its to big
  5. General rule of thumb is 1 sq ft per plant. I recommend a minimum of 4' height or you are into needing to undergo lots of training and advanced techniques -- 5' or more would be better.
  6. im not sure if i can make it that big cause my light isnt that power full anyways its 1 75 watt but i might be able to get a 60 watt buld in there to, but my real worry is a fan i dont have one small enough to fit and i got my licenes took away last year. Maybe i could make it 4' or maybe 4' 6" maybe. but if i do make it taller than i can put my tall fan in there is i guess that coveres that.
  7. What kind of 75w and 60w bulbs are you talking about? Sounds like incandescent -- that is, regular household bulbs. If so, you need to ditch that and get cfl or HID.

    If you need to grow in very short height I suggest you go do a lot of reading in the Advanced Techniques forum.
  8. yeah there regular house hold bulbs and i heard od a way if its a female cut the top half in veg. and cut the piston and it will grow horizontally instead of vertically but i dont have much horizontally room either
  9. You need to go back to square one, do not pass Go, do not collect $200. You can get any sized barrel you want, you ain't growing MJ with a household bulb.

    Your first step is to spend a few hours reading all the stickies on this website in the Grow Room, Indoor Growing, and Beginners forums.

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