How much Rockwool do I need?

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by Baxter55, May 4, 2004.

  1. I need to know how much rockwool (dimensions) I need for one plant. I have looked through several grow guides and the only thing I have found was that a "half slab of 12 inch rochwool" will work, but how thick does it need to be? I have found rockwool in several different dimensions. I want to have enough, but also want to make the most of the space I have. Can someone please tell me the adequate size of rockwool I need? Thanks.
    P.S. If someone could give me a link to an extensive hydro grow guide it would be much appreciated.
  2. I was told that you can sit rockwool directly into your nutrient solution, so I was planning on doing just that in maybe a kitty litter pan or some kind of large container I can light proof the nutrient solution with.
    I have a garden storage tote I bought at Wal-Mart. It is 50" long x 24" deep x 30" tall. I'll have two plants, grown either scrog or I will bend them over and grow them sideways, gorilla style (most likely scrog though). I could probably even grow three if I wanted to, but this is my first run on this new setup and I want to test it out first.
    For vegetation, I have four flourescent bulbs. Two are high in reds, two are full spectrum. I'll be putting out about 3,000 lumens, if not more (can't remember the exact lumen rating on them). For flowering I have one 100watt HPS.
    I may even use the flouros with the HPS in flowering, as long as temp doesn't become a problem.
    This is the strain...
    Hope that's enough info. Thanks!
    Oh yeah... also, how much space should I have between the 100 watt HPS and the plants? I don't think it gets too hot, so I'm guessing a foot?
  3. nice seeds.

    you can stand rockwool cubes in shallow water but about 90% of the cube has to be out of the water or it just gets waterlogged. also its best to let it dry out a little between waterings. id use either the biggest cube i cud find (6x6x6) or cut as big a chunk off a grow slab as will fit nicely. also id line the bottom of the tray with spreader mat as used in nft trays to give the roots something to grow into and surport the plant.. also gives more root mass. also as its a standing water system the larger the mass of rockwool the more stable the ph & cf will be as less chance of salts building up. less often you have to flush it out.

    when you make it light tight make sure it can still breath ok as u do need freash air around rockwool.

    im trying this stuff for the 1st time.
    just got it in pots and i top water. i dont know how well its going to do but again id use as big a pot as you can without it looking silly. im using 7inch pots and thinking of setting up somekind of gravety fed drip feed and run to waste. like them things they stick in your arms at the hospital... just a thought.

    light hight depends a lot on grow room temps and the fans you have. the back of the hand test where you put your hand over the top of the plant then lower the light till it feels warm on the back of your hand is the best way to tell, id guess closer to 6inch than a foot. when the plant enters fast veg groth or streach into flowering you will be ajusting the light every day so allow for that and leave a extra coupple of inch for a good growth spurt.

    30" isnt very tall.
    sorry for waffleing on.... bit stoned...

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