How much resin do you need to get decently blazed?

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  1. Just as the title says. i have no weed and can only scrape so i was wondering how much i need
  2. idk but i have a tobacco pipe so i never scrape. it catches the rsin and then i just light the sides and suck and it lights all the caught resin. only gets me high if i smoke out of it a lot beore hand though
  3. Depends on your tolerance and how potent the resin is brah. For me about a gram or 2.
  4. wow stop lol a gram? shut the hell up hahah
  5. people who does that, looks like they're desperate to get high lol
  6. Not too much man, if you can manage to scrape out enough resin to make a ball about the size of a penny you'll get plenty high. Resin burns slow like hash so you get tons of hits off it, the only thing is it doesn't ember so you have to constantly light it and the next morning when you wake up your throat will hurt a bit.

  7. Not really man, try scraping your pipe for resin you'll see that it actually gets you high. There is a reason they call it "Poor Mans Hash." Oh and if you have a grinder with any kif in it just sprinkle a little bit of that on top of the resin ball and you'll be set.
  8. Depends. I finally cleaned my piece the other day and smoked the resin for funsies. Wasn't as good as the hash resin, but it got me high.
  9. Sometimes I just smoke the resin in the pipe itself cause its so thick, like 5 good size rippers should be good
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    Sorry I meant .1 or .2 I was totally blitzed sorry

  11. a gram of resin lol what do you smoke an ounce a day or something?

  12. oh word
  13. You get to a point where you realize resin simply isn't worth it. I had my resin phase too but the high simply isn't the same.

  14. revealad for all to see! today folks we have witnessed the strongest truth: never trust a mexican
  15. I think smoking resin is just gross, but if I am out of bud and just really want one more good high, resin helps me achieve that. I prefer to smoke it out of a bong, anything else just tastes horrible. I'd say enough for a good bowl pack is good, and it burns very slow so you can get a good number of hits from it, make sure they are big ones, too.
  16. if you just scrape all the res in ur bowl and make a mini resin nug it will give you a good feeling.
  17. You just reminded me, time to scrape my bong!
  18. Poor mans hash = broke people who has no jobs and depends their weed funding from the parents :D
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    Or... People in a dry spell or people who just ran out of bud and want an easy buzz while the go get more.

  20. aka desperate haha

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