How much pot is imported/grow in the USA?

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  1. Is it mostly smuggled into the country or is it grown in the US by dealers? Just wondering,
  2. I think somthing like 80% is grown in the US, and the other 20% comes from Canada and Mexico, don't hold me to that though.

  3. the percentages really depend on what part of the country you live in.
  4. In a study done in 1996, it was determined that somewhere during the early nineties, the lack of quality cannabis caused a great deal of cannabis enthusiasts to develop ways of growing cannabis secretly in the United States. The availability of seeds came from Amsterdam, Mexico, and Canada, where Cannabis was already becoming extremely prevalent, and by 2002, it was determined that nearly eighty percent of all ganja in America was grown inside the United States by both outdoor and indoor growers. Most of this weed is seedless, well grown, dried, and cured, and is of decent potency (2 percent THC in schwagg, 8 percent in chronic, 10 to 11 percent in the more expensive strains, this is taken from the amount actually capable of being taken in by a joint or smoking device, not the amount actually on the bud, which is much higher).

    Due to the prevalence of more sinsemilla (seedless) ganja, the United States Drug Enforcement Agency and their scientists incorrectly determined that the prevalence of good ganja indicated an increase in potency since the seventies. This assumption, while not entirely untrue (Champagne, G-13, Trainwreck, and Chemo are medical strains that, according to legend, have been genetically altered to be more powerful; while this is only a rumor, tests have shown that strains correctly labeled as these types of ganja, are more potent than any previously existing marijuana strain), is, for the case of most of the marijuana on the market, an incorrect assumption, there simply was less sinsemilla on the market during the seventies and especially during the sixties.
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