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How much Oxycodone should I take

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Leemur, May 26, 2008.

  1. Title pretty much sums it up, found some oxycodone and I was wondering how much I should take to have a good time, sadly out of weed :(.
  2. is it just oxycodone? is it a liquid? is it pills? is it Oxycontin? percocet? lol

    What do you have and ill tell you

    ps. this belongs in pandora's box, please read the forum descriptions and rules.
  3. Its Oxycodone pills, the bottle says its generic vicodin 500mg I also just found out I have some percocet 375 mg pills I could take. Any advice? dosage and means (eat,snort,parachute) would be appreciated.
  4. if its blue take the whole thing (20's) if it is a brownish green color take 1/4 of a pill. The brown/green oxy's are 80mg, and should be taken whole only if you have a tolerance. For a first time though 20mg is perfect IMO.

    n/m, you just posted something new. I am guessing they're 5/500 in that case i would take 3-4. Dont snort them because they contain 500mg of acetaminophen. I would parachute them. Also find out before you take 3-4 pills that they are the weak 5/500 strength. Google the numbers on the pill.
  5. yeah try not to take more than 2000 mgs of acetaminophen or you will get close to death lol.

    The poster above me gave the same advice i would. i agree with him, but to be honest i would prefer the percs over the vics.
  6. 4000 is the dead set limit you shouldn't pass with APAP
    With 3000 you'll be in the clear
    2000 is the daily dosage for pain patients

  7. Key word, pain patients, with livers to match it and metabolize it. Someone who has never done it before will get sick from more than that. I do them a fair amount and wont go over 2000 mg's, to be honest i dont fuck with vic's i dont think there worth my time. Perc 10's and oc's are where its at lol.

    I was just stating for his health he shouldn't, its his first time bro lol :cool:
  8. I would consider myself pretty new to pills and shit...and I can regularly take 3000+ APAP without getting sick or throwing up. I know, different people, different bodies, but if he isn't doing a CWE, don't scare him into a 2000 limit when he can increase his dosage and enjoy himself even more.

    edit---i didn't know he was a complete pill virgin...in which case, you are right, he probably shouldn't scale the top of the APAP mountain.
  9. sorry about the slow reply, posted this rather late and quickly zonked out. The generic Vicodin I discovered to be APAP / hydrocodone Bitartrate 5/500 mg tab. Does that mean its 5 mg acetamenophen 500 mg oxycodone?

    And the generic percocet I found is Acetaminophen-oxycodone Hydrochloride and is 325mg - 5mg, again is that 325 mg acetamenophen and 5mg oxycodone hydrochloride?

    This is my first time experimenting with pain pills, how much should I take and in what way? I recall one of you said to parachute (correct me if im wrong but thats crushing it up and then putting it in a small pouch and swallowing it correct?) Id just rather only have to do this once as these are my step fathers and I feel a little bad about swiping them, but fuck him he went to florida.

    Also, how long will the effects last?
  10. ooo.... now you're gonna get flamed for stealing pills......

    Parachute for a quicker onset and comedown

    Swallow (empty stomach) for a standard effect.

    either will work.
  11. the first ones are hydrocodone. If youve got those percocets, id just sell the vicodin and get more of the percs. Oxy is better than hydro.

    IMO, sell em all and by some contin.
  12. What do you guys mean when you say parachute them?
  13. Question #1: No. It is 500mg APAP and 5mg oxycodone.
    Question #2: Yes.
    Question #3: You've got parachuting down. I've never taken percs, but the vics usually take about an hour to kick in and I usually feel it for a good 4 hours, but since the APAP doesn't make you feel all that great I usually just lay down and let that shit take over for a couple hours, then I zonk out.

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