How much & often do you buy?

Discussion in 'General' started by Nestor, Sep 4, 2007.

  1. I'm fairly new and I'm tired of buying a $10 bag every time I would like to toke up.
    So I was just wondering about how much and how often do you buy your bud?
    Like 1/2 oz a week, etc..
  2. i buy a half pound a week.... sometimes itll last me a lil longer than tha week and sometimes its gone by tha end of tha week... but i also give *cough *cough* my weed away..... (yes not sell i give it away ;) )

  3. Any suggestions on how much I should buy if I smoke like 4 - 5 times a week in blunts?

    Edit: maybe 2 - 4 times a week.. i'm still new :p
  4. i think a half o would last you niceley.... where do you live? i can get a half for around 50 bucks where im at =D
  5. theres a few of these threads

    wrong section too bro but its ok your new you dont know

    I also buy a pound a week ($400 for mids in texas) and *give* it away but I smoke about a ounce a week myself just rolling blunts all day
  6. I'm in south florida.
    I haven't seen much south floridians on the site though, idk.

    Oo and what section should I put it in? I figured Recreational but since I was asking a question, I was like w/e let me just put it in General. :p
  7. I smoke maybe 4-5 grams a week. That's smoking an average twice a day, but just 1-3 bowls a sesh. I don't like getting "stoned", only kinda "lifted", if you know what I mean.
  8. If you smoke 2-4 blunts a week then a quarter would be good for you, probably last even two weeks. If you want the best deal then buy a half oz or oz and you'll only need to buy once a month or even once every other month. I smoke about a half oz every week or so but I smoke with my brother everytime I smoke and with a few other friends two-three times a week.
  9. Thats exactly what I do.. 1/2 oz every week for 50$.. and that usually holds me pretty nicely.
  10. Shit if it just depends on whats goin around at the time and what I can find...

    Livin in this college town you get some pretty dankity dank weed but it's expensive... I usually buy an eighth for 50$ for the dank shit or I can go back to my home town and get it for half as much but it's not as good~
  11. Yeah, I would say a half oz. would last you awhile. But when I first started, I learned this:

    You buy more thinking it's a better deal. You blazed, and while in a stoned state, you say, " Well, I've got so much more, I'll just toke a few more bowls..." Next thing you know you'll be smoking more. But, That isn't always a bad thing either =)

    Oh, and those doing the " *give* " my weed away thing, Don't bother. You'll get in more trouble for trying to be slick. Not trying to be an ass, but I been there, done that, and getting yelled at kinda sucks, haha. But yeah, $50 a half for mids ain't bad at all. Jersey prices are rough, but you pay for quality.

  12. He speaks the truth. Ever have about a gram between 3 people? You BET your ass you are going to savor every last bit of it. You have a half ounce between 3 people and all that just goes out the window lol.
  13. Yeh, Dude knows what I'm talking about, haha.

    Me: Dude, I just got an Oz. Of this nice Lemon Kush (this was a month ago).
    My boy: Iight dude, Let's light it up.
    Me: aiight, how much should we smoke?
    Him: Well, let's see how much we can blaze before we're too retarded to use a lighter.
    Me: Sounds good, we need a Box of Honey Dutches!

    haha, And we blazed about 1/2oz of the Kush before we was too retarded, haha.

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