how much of your life is run by personal gain...

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  1. Now i have an interesting question for everyone, that i thought of as i was walking back to my dorm.

    how much and how many of the decisions you make during the day are for your own personal gain, and what is that gain. Be it, sex, to get high, or to even put ur self in a better position then another person....
  2. Almost every part of all of our lives are run by some sort of reward system for ourselves. Whether it be material rewards or a good feeling we get for doing something nice. Or something mean, some people are dicks.

  3. yeah thats actually a very good point. i know a few people who will intentionally do things to make others feel bad

    but not me :)
  4. That's good, I also don't want to make people feel bad. But I do feel good about making people feel good, but there's no way to do a nice thing without getting the personal gain from feeling good, so I'll just accept it as a win-win situation so everyone is happy :).

    I mean I guess you can make people feel good without personal gain if you do get charged with a crime and get community service, BUT then you are getting personal gain because you will not be locked up. Hmmm... puzzling.

  5. yeah that is quite the conundrum but i guess thats all part of the journey
  6. For some people, usually those that feel very poorly about themselves, putting others down is the only way they can feel powerful and "good".

    I like to get high and do, other than that, I try to be pretty open to others' opinions and ideas.
  7. Life is a game, and we're all trying to win, so everything we do is for personal gain of some sort.
  8. It could be argued that no matter what you do, it's done for personal gain. Even if you're donating money to charity, you do so because you want to and enjoy to, not because it's killing you to do so.
  9. This is a good question.

    I would like to think that when I help someone i dont do it for personal gain, but then again am I the one that's enjoying it or is the other person?
  10. Or both?
  11. Giving does not exhaust ur resources. At d deepest level, there is no giver, no gift, no receiver.Only d Universe rearranging itself. ~ Zinn

    If you got it you got it people only make you feel bad about your abilities because they're trying to get ahead too. Its an all out rat race, pig race, vulture race, human race. Rate raaaaaaaaaaace. Rat race!
  12. Turn it around. How much of your life isn't? When do you make decisions that are not for gain in someway. Self-destruction could be considered here, but based on the way you describe it, you can explain it away. I can't think of a single example of a decision you make that couldn't be explained away as some personal gain.
  13. Very little.

    At the end of the day, I've gained nothing. In fact, don't gain anything, I only lose things.

    I have less money, I have less energy... I have less hours to live...

    But once a month, I get paid. Then I gain a lot. A month's worth of food... a month's worth of everything.

    But for the rest of the month, I gain nothing.

    I only deplete things.

    And again, the pay day comes, and I gain enough for one month... and it's almost the pay day... chi ching~!
  14. Man, any action is for personal gain, all apart from doing nothing, which can be for personal gain at times. Every action you do is guided from personal gain. When you obey god, you do so hoping to go to heaven when you die. When you act under a good or bad intention, you will feel good about your action, thus gaining a euphoria. When you do opposite of what would cause happiness, you do so to do the right thing. If you either do the wrong thing on purpose or make yourself feel horrible or seem miserable, you do so hoping that someone will pity you. When you are doing nothing is the only time you may be able to achieve a life without gain of any kind, and this has an exception. That exception would be one where a person has a goal to do nothing in order to show that he can do something without personal gain, yet ironically by doing nothing, he is actually trying to prove his point.

  15. so it's like a never ending cycle of loosing and gaining
  16. This is actually something I think about a lot, but have trouble putting into words. Everything that anybody has done and will ever do is solely for their own benefit. Its the reasoning behind it that I have trouble explaining.
  17. I would say a lot less than the average person but still a lot. I'm usually willing to help out a friend with a couple bucks for beer or whatever even though I am broke.

    I little while ago I saw a little bug laying helpless on its back. I turned it over and eventually brought it outside, when really I should have squashed the little fucker. They are taking over my house but the poor little guy was missing a leg.
  18. A part of me feels like, if I'm not gaining, I'm losing and if I'm losing then I am getting ever closer to death. I usually only feel this way when it comes to money though. Money is all that stands between you and death in a capitalistic society, so I guess I feel like I don't have a choice but to make at least some of my decisions based on personal gain or at least in the interest of not losing anything. I'd rather it wasn't that way, but our society is a giant competition so what else can I do?

    But I have certain morals that make me not want to gain if it means taking from someone else or something like that. Like when playing video games, I don't like losing, but winning is bittersweet because I know I made people feel the way I feel when I lose lol.

    I dunno, I don't consciously try to gain things really... I mean, when I want something, I'll do what I have to do to buy it or whatever. But like, I really don't have any interest in pretending I'm better than anyone else or trying to make it appear that I am. I know that I'm not and anything that would make anyone believe they are better than anyone else is false because value is subjective. I dunno, I mean we all want things and need certain things to live, that's part of being Human, but I think the capitalistic notion that we all must strive to better ourselves in terms of money and power is ridiculous. If you're not doing what you want, why are you doing it? You know? I dunno, I guess I just can't understand the whole, "I have to try to be the best" mentality. I don't try to be the best at anything, or the worst, I just do it and what happens happens. I dunno. lol
  19. about 50%.. the rest is blank, which could be filled with anything really..
    Yup, thats me :D

    edit: actually perhaps even less than 50%.. lets make it 45% :D
  20. Yeah man. Just like you said.

    Loose and Gain... Loose and gain...

    Don't loose too much... Don't gain too much... then I'm OK...

    Loose too much, or gain too much, then I'm screwed.

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