how much of this fertilizer do my plants need

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  1. hi i dont wanna burn my roots so how much should i use

    add 5-10 drops to 1/2liter (1 pint) of water, everytime you water or, mix 1/2 capful in 1 litre of water (2 pints) of water and feed every 2 weeks use when actively growing

    ok well this is how ive done it i added 2 and a half capfuls of baby bio to 3 liters of water, the bit im struggling with is how much of this mixture do i pore on the soil???? my plants need at least 1 litre of straight water each every couple of days so do i just use this mix as i would fresh water but every 2 weeks or do i only use a bit of it every 2 weeks?????
  2. With soil feeding u can do it on a cycle. Most recommend a feed, water,water cycle but I do a feed water feed water cycle. You wanna water until u have drainage at the bottom of the pot and only water when top inch or two is dry.

    Also if your worried about burning with nutes it's the leaves that get crispy but roots can get damaged by things as well

  3. ok so i should use the mix ive made just like i would water but every 2 weeks, when i water just water i always water till the water comes out the bottom of the pot so i should do the same with the feed correct??
  4. Yes do the same for the nutrient solution

  5. great thanks just the answer i was looking for, this means i not been feedng correctly i been just poreing a lil bit on then watering lol ohh well i'll remember for next time

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