How much of my yield will I lose?

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  1. I've got three plants under a 1k watt HPS, they're reaching to the walls and ceilings in their third week of flower. LST isn't really an option because of how overgrown they are. They vegged for about four months. Can't bring the light up or the plants down, just wondering if I should expect a major hit to my yield. received_10210206492500747.jpeg
  2. I might be able to re-route my ducting to completely seal off the air, I've heard adding CO2 can make plants survive higher temps? I just don't know how close buds can get to that light even if it's not hot
  3. I'm just curious why you vegged for 4 months? In 4 months I go from seed to harvest with a pound of weed off of two plants.
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  4. I didn't intend to go that long. I started in a windowsill for the first three weeks, moved up to a 300W LED and before I could afford bloom nutes my plants had overgrown that light. So I borrowed a friend's light until I could afford nutes three weeks ago.
  5. It's my first full grow so I didn't anticipate how fast they start to grow after a month or so, especially under a 1k HPS. I thought I had time to let them veg for a little longer lol
  6. This is how they looked about two weeks before I got the new light, June 25th IMG_20170625_183554_2.jpg As you can see the light only illuminated about 30% of the canopy, I didn't feel comfortable flowering with that little light.

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  7. Sorry but I can't tell how much your yield will be effected. Lesson learned. Good luck.
  8. I would be super cropping the f*** out of them right now. Who cares how late it is
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  9. I agree there you can supercrop in flower, it just dependent on how hardy the strain is. Try a few and see how they react, you be surprised.

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  10. Yeah I mean obviously it's not ideal but I would be willing to bet it will be better for your plants then just letting them grow into that light. How far along in flower are you? Or have you even started flower ?
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  11. 3 weeks into flower, the stems are too sturdy to supercrop, I've already snapped a few tops off I've been bending as much as I can to make a big crater in the middle but the tallest plant in the back, probably a sativa, is to the wall and only about a foot and a half from the ceiling.
  12. I figure my only options are to bend and pray that the ganja gods are merciful for my mistake lol, I've had no problems with bugs, mildew, temps, nutes or anything with this grow up until this.
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  13. Try squeezing the stem with your finger until it breaks up on the inside... or use pliers if you need too... then it should just hang limp.. you may or may not need to support it up some.
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  14. I'll give it my best shot lol I suppose breaking a few is better than letting them grow into my light, give em a merciful death haha and I think some accidental topping will probably cause less stress on my plants as a whole compared to the heat stress from my light.
  15. Big thanks for the supercrop advice, guys. I can't say I won't get some bud burn but I think I can sleep a little sounder knowing those buds aren't as close to my light lol received_10210213356632346.jpeg before
    received_10210219890515689.jpeg after lol. Still a bit close but much more manageable.
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  16. Should I post harvest pics here or in a separate thread?
  17. here would be good
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  18. If you're 3 weeks into flower, they shouldn't be stretching much more.

    7 foot ceilings?
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  19. Yeah I think they're 7, the denser plant I have, probably indica dom, is starting to slow down on stretching but the other two are still trying to reach like crazy, smallest plant is practically half stem.

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