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how much of a stoner do you come across as?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by greenbliss, Sep 11, 2009.

  1. Are people generally surprised or not surprised when they find out you smoke? With me people are usually a little surprised but not totally schocked.
  2. most people dont know until i tell them or somebody else tells them.
    i dont even look like a stoner i look like a goofy fat kid lol
  3. not surprised at all for me cause i just look like a stoner and am either blazed or trippin of shrooms when people see me so yeah
  4. people thought i was before i even smoked. It kind of pissed me off.
  5. People are usually shocked to find out i toke
  6. apparently i always looked high before i ever smoked so i guess now that i do i can live up to my look lol
  7. I don't even look like a stoner, a description of me would be an Asian nerd with glasses, so when people find out their usually shocked. :eek:
  8. Alot of my close friends know i smoke and the majority of people back at school do too, but when i meet new people they are surprised to find out i smoke after i was a front runner for valedictorian in high school :D
  9. Most people are surprised, but they know I'm not lying. Some have even seen me smoke or they've smoked with me.
  10. The reaction goes..."You've smoked pot before?"

  11. yeah and then they get even more shocked when you say that you do almost every day. . . thats what happens with me. except thats my excuse for being so "fluffy" lol
  12. Not many people know, but once they know they think I smoke all day every day, which I don't and probably never will.
  13. ya i couldnt smoke all day, but i like to every night and just free my mind
  14. Pretty much ditto all the way. I had the same issue in high school. Most people thought I didnt, but once they found out I did, many thought I was like a 24/7 stoner, and I only smoke like 3-4 times per week.
  15. Good thread. According to Spaz, most people are surprised, since I'm well spoken, and very intelligent. Especially since I've served in the military, everyone thinks I'm straight. But when they hear My thoughts, they know. I go into work every night stoned, and they probally know. I don't see it as a big threat, even though I work with mostly adult women. But they're pretty chill. I've got a lot of thoughts that are " out there" and I lay them out when asked. I don't hide anything from my co-workers, and they seem to trust me more...

    I always say man and dude, and since I'm a surfer I say man a lot as well. They've got to know, I mean even stevie wonder could see that I'm a stoner, with all due respect.
  16. people always seem surprised when they find out i smoke...

    i got to talking to a guy at work about a shop i go to...and he tells me he smokes...i say me too man..he's all surprised and says "really!?" in a shocked voice. it was weird.

    people in HS always thought i was some kind of snitch...while i didnt do drugs in HS i didnt care if someone did and i certainly wouldn't tell. i actually got threatened to get the shit beat out of me once if i said anything..i was like dude i dont care what you do.

    i hate coming off like such a fucking square..but at the same time it has its's stealthy
  17. I have long hair, consistently red eyes and I say groovy and man a lot. yeah i might as well have a sign.
  18. alot of people know that i like to toke weed now but i dont really look like a stoner.. people just know i am one if you get me

    i am not high all the time though, but if people want weed they know i have some haha

    some people are surprised though but alot arent i dont really care :smoke:
  19. many of my friends ( at school etc ) know i smoke , but people who first meet me are actually surprised that i smoke .

  20. You mean your eyes are red even when you are sober?

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