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How much of a pot brownie should i eat?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by eli767, Apr 22, 2016.

  1. Ive never tried edibles before and im going to be buying a weed brownie tommarow, i smoke weed once or twice a week and have doing it since December and tommarow im going to buy my first edible which is the weed brownie he says the butter that he uses to make the batch 700mg btw and im wondering how much of the brownie i should eat, i want to get pretty high but not supper fucked up where i could barely move lol do you think i should eat only half or if i just eat the whole brownie ill be fine? Also if i only eat half of the brownie, and put the other half in plastic wrap in a tupperware box in my room for will the brownie go bad if its only there for 1week? Or get stale? i cant put it in the fridge btw so dont tell me to just put it in the fridge, thanks.

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  2. People who eat a whole brownie/cookie and freak out are defiantly people who i believe should not be ingesting pot in anyway. Keep it in the fridge. Did you eat the whole thing? what was your experience
  3. Im getting it saturday and im gonna just eat the whole brownie but ill update this thread on saturday like 1hr or 2 after i eat it to say how its going

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  4. Just make sure you've got a lot of free time to enjoy it
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  5. If you don't want to freak out:
    Eat half.
    Wait an hour.
    If you want to eat more, finish the other half.
    I wouldn't risk eating it all a once. You haven't been smoking for very long, and it would be shitty for your first edible experience to be bad.

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  6. Im guessing whoever you got them from doesn't really know the correct mg per brownie so start with a 1/3rd and see how you feel, doesn't sound like you have much tolerance. (I know you already ate them Saturday? so this isn't helpful at all lol)

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