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How much of a Brownie should I eat?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ktoke, Oct 17, 2014.

  1. So my Buddy's making a batch of brownies. We have the same dealer, so I know its quality bud, and I can't eat the whole thing. There's gonna be a little more than a G per Brownie (like 1.3 he said). Usually I smoke between .2 and .4 to get where i like (def high, but can function enough to get work done). Since I have the brownie, I want to get higher than usual.
    How much you guys recommemd I eat? I'm thinking about eating 1/4 of it, then smoking .2 (how much my Bong holds, one hit bowl) while i wait for it to kick in.
    Is that a good plan? Or should I eat more and not smoke? I'd like to make it stretch, cuz its rare that anyone makes edibles around here
  2. Eat the whole thing. No smoke.
  3. if you smoke before it hits you then you wont be able to actually feel the edible 100%. Dont smoke and wait it out, if after like an hour nothing happens then you fucked up.
  4. Whole thing? They're supposed to be more potent than smoking, and I don't smoke anywhere near 1.3
  5. Yes, eat the whole thing and get blasted like never before.
  6. Eat half

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  8. Id eat one and a half brownies and wait one hour minimum and two hours max. If you eat too much you will pass out or get so high it's uncomfortable
  9. start with half. if they are anywhere near as good as you claim then 1/2 will hammer you. if you eat it all in a single sitting you wont enjoy yourself. you probably wont want to eat edibles again if it becomes to much to handle. to me edibles feel like opiate type pain medication. it is just to much to try and handle. i was high for 2 and 1/2 days before from eating edibles and it fucking sucked. go easy with the brownie and next time you will be able to judge how much is perfect! good luck :metal:
  10. Eat half.  Shouldn't need more than .5g for an edible.
    The general rule for edibles is always start low and work your way up.  Too much edibles is not like too much smoking.  Bad time. Almost every time I have eaten edibles it ended up in a bad time from eating too much.
  11. I actually don't think I'm gonna. My buddy smokes at least 4x as much as me, and for way longer. He said he ate half, puked, and passed out. I'll stick to smoking and knowing when I've had enough. One day though, one day
  12. eat the whole thing. that's the point of edibles. def don't smoke for a couple hours after you eat it
    nevermind just saw that last comment lol
  13. i fucking hate that feeling.

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