how much more flowering?

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  1. Hey everyone I have a lambs bread plant. Its about 3 weeks into flowering. I am using tiger bloom for nutes. I was wondering if someone could say how much longer I need to flower. I am just using CFL for lighting. any help would be great. 031.JPG
  2. Typicaly its 8-9 weeks get a micro 40x plus and watch trycs when all cloudy and maybe 10-20 % are amber is when i harvest
  3. hello thank you. my buds are already turning mostly brown and reddish. Thats why I wanted to know when I should harvest. Its like they are maturing too fast. Its about 3 weeks into flowering.
  4. what nutes and how much u using
  5. I just started using foxfarms today. tiger bloom. I used 1/4 strength.
  6. these are mine at 3 1/2 weeks flowering under 600 watt HPS in a 5x6 room a/c heat controlled.

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  7. the pictures say 2007 0n them.
  8. I found that foxfarm is great for outdoor i personally use FloaNova.i feed mine every other water at FULL Strenth with a Boost of FloraNova Liquid Bloom at FULL strenth.But i do use FFOF Soil.Dont be Afraid to feed them if they start to turn neon yellow at tips or center back off a litle.
  9. i take card out of camera all the time i just dont set date all the time.Lazy or High Lol
  10. they look great. so why are my buds looking like they are done already?
  11. what light cycle u on and whats ur temp
  12. not sure about the temp. I am just using cfls for lighting. I just have 1 plant. I abeen on 12/12 now for about 3 weeks. Its a lambs bread strain. someone told me that the strain sometimes only takes 6 weeks to mature. I am at 3 weeks now.
  13. well try and get a therm. i got mine at walmart i think it was like 10 bucks also shows is a pic of it temp on bottom hum. on top

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  14. I have that same walmart thermometer.
    I recently dropped it into a cup of water I have sitting in my grow for humidity and after it dried it still works fine!
  15. The magnet on the back is a nice feature too, I hang it from the door hinges on my box
  16. i have it on my a/c unit ofcoarce its off now just went and got heater at walmart that has controlls for 15.00 awesome keeping it at 77
  17. About five more weeks. BE PATIENT. Many people harvest too soon. this is not close to ready.

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