How much more flowering?

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  1. Trying to get some advice on how much more flowering I need on these plants. I have two plants in a small pot. I know I know the pot is too small, shouldn't have two in a pot, etc etc etc... I know, wont do it again :p, this was just a test run really.

    Anyway, I seem to have misplaced my exact date that I started flowering but I'd say it has been about 6-8 weeks. I think I had a lack of light (3 CFLs) so about a week ago I added 3 more CFLs on them. I see some of the pistols turning brown but I read I should wait until about 80% of them go brown before harvesting. Any idea from the pictures how much longer I have to go?

    The other question I have is on the bigger plant the bottom half of it is really just starting to sprout while the top half looks like it is getting ready to harvest. Can I harvest the top and let the bottom continue to grow? How would I go about doing that if so?


    edit: by the way, the plants are missing their bottom fan leaves because they had a nitrogen deficiency and turned yellow. I since corrected the problem with alaskan fish fertilizer.

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  2. 3-5 days i'd say. if you notice, only a few of your hairs are orange and most of them are still white. when they start to darken up more, it should be ready.
  3. anyone else with an opinion? specifically interested in my options with the one plant that is just starting to bud at the bottom. can i just chop it off half way and dry the top and let the bottom continue to grow?
  4. the way to tell when to pick is this right here:

    go to radio shack, but a $10 microscope with the light on the end of it, 60x-100x magnification, look at your buds with it and focus in on the tricomes, (they look like fat gooey mushrooms), you will see some are clear, almost see through and other are milky white. you want to harvest when almost all of your tricomes on the buds are milky white. do not pick based on the color of the hairs turning red soley, it is not 100% ACCURATE.

    also yes, you can chop off the top half and continue to let the bottom half matture more.:smoke:
  5. I'd say those are closer to 6 weeks... But, ganja's on the nose with it.
  6. although there isnt much quantity.
    those buds look good for being flowered under CFL's.:smoking:
  7. few days, i heard that if you make an earlier harvest the more the trichomes fuck with your head.

    dont take my word for it
  8. trust exactly as i said with the microscope...IT IS THE ONLY WAY TO TELL IN AN ACURATE MANNER WHEN TO PLUCK THE FINEST BUDS:hello:

  9. yea thats not true, the earlier the harvest the clearer the high is, the triks aren't as potent.
    the longer you wait the more headier the high is, unless you wait to long.
    you just had it backwards.
  10. So apparently my digital camera is awesome. Check out this pic. It actually looks even better at the full resolution and uncompressed (had to shrink it to post). It looks like they are all clear at the moment :)

    edit: after closer inspection of the other pictures i took (and after calming down from excitment) there are very very few that have that slight amber/cloudy color. so it's going to be soon.

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  11. so your not judging ur tric's from ur digital camera zooming in are ya? and also you wanna wait to cut the buds when the tric's are cloudy and foggy looking, not clear....just to remind you incase you didnt read it right.
  12. can you find me a picture of these foggy/cloudy trichs so i have reference as to which his is and ripe ones? Thanks
  13. wow had no idea what type of high depended on when it was harvested...thanks a lot!:D
  14. no neither did i cool my white russain is nearly ready cos most of the hairs are brown and i was just wondering when to crop now ill have to get my self a decent microscope or mani-glass BUZZING!!!
  15. everybody says you can get a $10 microscope at radio shack but i went there and there are none! the people at radio shack looked at me crazy. i dunno if it's just my radio shack or not, but there are no $10 microscopes to be found. lame!
  16. yeah, online. i was talking about at the store. they don't have any
  17. its just your radioshack store. sorry:-( every radioshack I have been to carries a $10.99 microscope with a light on it. Im sure you could find somewhere else in your town that carries it though...where do u live?
  18. yeah, i figured it was just my radioshack. i hate the store in my town. i'm out of here soon though. yay!

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