How Much Money is Enough?

Discussion in 'General' started by ROCHESTER-420, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. Pocket change :cool:
  2. That's a lot of money mang.

    A hundred grand just looks like a basic pile of money.... If its all in hundreds. I can't even begin to guess what that's at.
  3. im sayin wuts enough for u to get by
  4. when you cant even find the time to spend it all.
  5. I'm still not getting your thought here. To get by? well, at $7,000 a semester with room and board. I'd say I need to get by with close to $20,000 a year. To chill and smoke, price of a QP and 400 dollars a month of rent.
  6. To get by? No clue.

    Enough for weed, roof, food, heat, utilities.
  7. I think Id be pretty happy with 2000 a week..
  8. It's never enough...
  9. wut do most of u guys get by with right now'?
  10. i could easily live on my own for $20/hr full time, so around $40k a year. with taxes, around $25k/yr. but that's with stability and no luxury.

    that's before i want to raise a family though
  11. I make 13 a hour 40 hours a week with a liyyle overtime. At end of year its arou.d 38000 before taxes and 25000 after taxes..

    I can afford to live on my own which is enough for now.

  12. ^I'd say that. But I would have to discipline my self to not throw money around like just buying shit I don't need because I can. I'd use A LOT on weed, tho. :D
  13. I need 3 a month just to pay bills.
  14. out here in D.C you need to be making big change just to get by. thats because i live around all the rich ass politicians :mad::cry:
  15. i just got a new job which pays between 4-6k a month so that will be enough for me to get the new car i want and rent a house and save a good amount.:smoke:
  16. For real man^^cmon

  17. 6 digit salary... anything less is not an option
  18. idk but i got a whole lot of room before i have "enough" money.shiiiiieeet
  19. With skis and ski gear plus rent plus weed plus food plus bills I need 3k a month at least.

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