How much molasses should i use?

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  1. I doubt it matters that much if u overdose your plants a little with molasses seeing as its natural nute. But how much do u all use if you water your plants with molasses? Ive heard this can increase bud weight by 20 percent and havent rlly heard any negative comments on the subject. So im gonna give it a try and hopefully have some success with it
  2. From what I've read on these boards, 1-2 Tbsp per gallon of water, and it's better to start with less molasses and gradually increase it. I just started feeding my girl molasses today in fact. I used 1 Tbsp in 16 oz. of water. I didn't use much water only because it rained a lot today and will rain more the next two days. Using too much molasses might attract more bugs, so I would start small.
  3. If there are bears or raccoons around I would not use molasses outdoors, animals love sugar just as much as people and will dig out your plants to get it.
  4. uhmm. 1 tbsp per 16 oz is a much higher ratio than 1-2 tbsp per 128oz as you recommended. you said to start it out at a small concentration then went and did the opposite. just wondering why....

  5. As I said, it's been raining a lot in Ohio for the last 2 days. My plant has received at least a gallon of rain water, so I would say that balances out.
  6. can I use molasses everytime i water up until its time to harvest and how long do i have to wait until i harvest from the time of the last time i gave it some nutes???

  7. do this

  8. well, what i do is, if im watering them with a gallon jug or big-ass aquafina bottle (Reverse Osmosis water, all i give my girls the last week..the ultimate flush muwahaha), then ill use 1-2tbsp of molasses MAX....if im using one of those half-liter deer park bottles (i duno, the regular ol' deer park bottle) then i just put a couple drops...the key is in the color of the resulting water when u shake it all dont want it brown, like a nice amber or light gold is ideal.... a bit lighter dont matter u can always feed her again in a day or two...

    remember, less is more.

    we've come 5 and 6 months to this point, we see the buds on the plants, now its just a matter of keeping them mold free, not stolen, and growing bigger till we chop em.


  9. youre a funny motherfucker lol:D:p:hello:
  10. haha made my day. I clicked this thread looking for the same answer, so i'll be taking your advice too :)

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