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How much mid to get you high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by preewee, May 12, 2011.

  1. I bought a lot because I thought it was cheap dank, but its just normal high quality mids hahaha. this is just a survey. how much does it take you?
  2. Only .5g for me but It's always rewarding to buy dank. :bongin:
  3. #3 GreenHitOnSwole, May 12, 2011
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    Ha roll a fat ass two gram blunt or joint, that usually does the trick for me. Or five or six swole bong rips
  4. Usualy a 1g blunt between me and 1 buddy will get us high, But quality over quantity. Id rather have 1g of dank then a 1/8 of mids.
  5. 1 blunt to myself, or like 3 bong rips.
  6. Mathematics would say otherwise, unless you can clear a blunt in three puffs
  7. Not really sure what YOU consider mids but i smoke what we call "reggie" reg's and i smoke EVERYDAY multiple times a day at that and i just switched back to my mflb! I started using it again last night and i was stupid high, then i used it this morning b4 work and got stupid high then and right now im blazed and i couldent roll a joint with what iv used all thos times.
  8. a few hits of decent weed and i'm pretty high
  9. .4 of dank I know only because thats what ive been smoking on this past month :p. Would be nice to smoke different strains though , I just need to clear this stash, 4 days into a week long T-break :/
  10. if its mids, probably a doob or a rillo. i'd much much much rather bake with mids/regs though. putting an ounce of shake (my dealer used to hook it up at a great price after he would break down bricks and what not) into a batch of brownies is probably my favorite. the most stoned i've ever been probably, and for like 4-5 hours too

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