How Much Memory Is YOUR Web Browser Using?

Discussion in 'General' started by 9D3, Nov 21, 2011.

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    I'm currently using Firefox, and we all know that it can become quite the memory pig when open for a long time.

    Mine is currently using ~640 MB.

    How much is your browser using?
  2. Only 207 MB atm, only 2 tabs open lol.
  3. Not bad, but it's still a lot of memory for two tabs

    I had to restart Firefox, it was getting too laggy :p it's around 75 MB now with two tabs.
  4. 222 mb haha

    using chrome
  5. I've used 44gb on my phone
  6. Whoa, totally forgot about this thread.

    Currently have 2 tabs open, Firefox is pigging out and using 212MB right now...
  7. Dont know. Cuz im on iphone :/
  8. How do you find this onfo
  9. I'm using Chrome, so a shitload.
  10. Firefox, 233 mg, 8 tabs open.
  11. 152 MB on Google Chrome

    Fuck yeah bitches.
  12. opera,205,3 tabs
  13. Hit CTRL - A L T - DELETE, open "Start task manager."

    Go to "Processes" tab and find your browser, the number is to the right.
  14. Lol@ ***

    Edit: Ah u edited too quick lol
  15. Yeah what's up with the "alternate" key? Is "A L T" racist or something? [​IMG]
  16. CTRL + SHIFT + ESC takes you straight to the task manager :)
  17. on I.E. my task manager thingy is showing two I.E.s but i only have 1 going. anyway i'm using roughly 55MB
  18. Screw you chrome. Only have 2 tabs open and its pushing 400.

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