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  1. Hey Blades, I got a GDP flowering right now. The problem is i dont know when to chop her down. Im a noob grower all i kno its like 90 days old from seed, and its been flowering forever i think i havent kept count. Any help is appriciated, thanks.

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  2. For 3mo's she looks good, I think that bud will get fatter, fat calexes(the pod where the seed was supposed to be) is what you want.
  3. thanks for the advice, how mani weeks flowering u think it is? kus i really dint keep count or anything...
  4. its also a 1 foot bonsai thats why the bud kinda looks small if nething
  5. 1 foot? I got one growing now it's 4.5 mos old flowering for 1.5 and only 21" tall but tons of bud sites. yours has maybe more/bigger calexes, so say yours would be 8wks flowering 4wks to go. You got ripped somehow if you only got the one cola.
  6. There is only one accurate way to know when the plant is ready to harvest, examine the trichomes under 25x-75x magnification. Radio Shack has a pocket microscope that works for around $12, or a jeweler's loupe off ebay.
  7. yea its like 12 inches exactly and i LST it so it has about 9 colas that varies in sizes and other popcorn sites. But yea you think i got 4 weeks left?
  8. buds look chunky and hairs are turning red old skool method is to wait until 50-75% of hairs turn red/orange
  9. cool well i did wait until the hairs got to 75% percent red, but out of nowhere a wave of white pistils came out
  10. Ok when u say hairs are you talking about the long strings or the tiny thc hairs on the leaves

  11. hairs = pistils, they start white and towards the end of flowering they turn red/brown.

    "tiny THC hairs" on the leaves & flowers a.k.a crystals = trichomes
  12. So im looking for the pistils or trichomes to turn red/brown

  13. both. you want at least 65% of the pistils to be red/brown, and with a magnifying glass check the trichomes, you want the majority of them to have a amber color.

    I suggest doing some research on harvesting, There are some great threads on here.

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