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  1. These 3 plants are on day 60 flower. I am hoping to chop them at the weekend, do they look ready?

    The strains are lemon skunk, bcn diesel and mataro blue, grown under 250w hps. The mataro blue looks a bit dodgy in the photo but it looks better in real life and has developed a tint of purple. Trichomes are mostly cloudy, a few clear and 1 or 2 amber here and there.

    So will they be ripe enough to harvest in about 4 or 5 days?

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  2. Also, I believe the mataro blue and lemon skunk have hermied as I have found a few premature seeds and little bananas sticking out. Should I let the seeds develop fully or chop it regardless?

    Will this affect the trichome ripening time?
  3. cut those sacs off now!!! get the seeds you found off as well if you can. the only way to know if they are done is by scoping them and seeing what the trich's look like.. i mean by the looks of it i think you may be okay to chop. but like i said check the trichs .. if there are some cloudy and some amber...chop away..if they are clear it is too early

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