How much longer

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  1. How much longer i kno this one f9x taled but it still servived had 3 other perfect ones[​IMG][​IMG]

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  2. Are you checking trichomes?

    Might be lighting but judging from the pistils I would be looking for a 40x Jewellers Loupe ASAP.

    Some old school guys I know go on pistils alone, and look for 60-70% orange hairs, which it looks like you have, but everyone is going to tell you to get some magnification and check the trichomes.
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  3. it looks ready to me.
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  4. A trichomes check will tell the tale

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  5. My suggestion is, without looking at specific look at the picture tangent has posted.
    get yourself a pocket microscope (at the low end it should be 60x magnification IMO) to enable yourself to see trichomes.
    I would personally wait until about 30% min, 70% max of the trichs are amber depending on what kind of effect you want.
    Then stop feeding.

    Give a big flush with PH adjusted water, until you get almost free flow of run-off water.
    PH check your run-off too - If it's much higher or lower than it should be (which I doubt, your plants look pretty well off to be honest), you can give them another mini-flush after adjusting the water in the PH lower or higher depending on your result.

    If the run-off was PH fine - then I'd say just leave it with the initial flush.
    Then let it start to dry up....keep your lights on the standard configuration
    (some people say leave them on 24h - can't comment, haven't done).

    Don't feed or water them any more.
    They will continue to "ripen" (convert more THC) past this point - the lower-than-100% amber trichs is because I'm also taking into account that there will still be some "alive/ripening" time left...that 70% could be well up into the 90's, and you don't want them to kind of let them go too much further, I believe that after the amber stage they can start to degrade/decompose...though, I have no sources to site this being true.

    I would usually just wait until the medium is dry...the plant will kind of do this last ditch survival thing, the leaves will become dryer and probably fold in/down a bit, but the buds should swell a bit more and will likely push their resin factor a bit higher.

    *Some people keep the roots on for the next bit
    Take it out of the medium, and hang it up-side down
    *Either full, or in "branches"...I've never really seen a compelling argument for or against either of these methods aside from personal preference.

    Put them in a place with good air-flow. Those "tall" rotating tower style fans set on low would be good. Need to keep that air moving so set them on rotate.

    It sounds like you don't have a carbon filter - If your wife thinks it stinks you might want to consider one of these....not only eliminates the smell, and yes, I've used one, it really does...but it also cleans the air too, I remember last time I grew a few, the room with the tent in could walk in there and it was fresher than everywhere else.

    The rule of thumb I've heard most often for things being properly that you can snap whatever stem it's on, without it bending/tearing. Clean snap.
    Remove and trim your buds as you see fit.

    Even if you don't PLAN to cure, put them in a mason jar and start anyways. It's minimal effort, and it'll have a positive effect on your harvest. I'd recommend anyone does it. Take your samples, sure...but if you've got a decent amount, and it looks like you'll thank yourself for curing, and it's really easy.

    Good luck, let us know how you go, yeah?
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  6. Jewelers loupe will work also
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  7. I have a lighted 40x loupe that works fine if you have good eyes. ;)

    $10 on Amazon...
  8. Close up

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  9. Is it me or that plant has a nasty case of foxtailing
    Im surprised no one mentioned it
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  10. OP mentioned it in his post. You even read?
  11. Pic isn't good. This is where I chop. Sometimes a little quicker. This one turned quick 2019-04-25-07-05-31.jpg

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  12. heya SB, nice to see you are smoking again :hookah:
    Im on a t-break atm... arggghhhh!!!
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  13. I'm afraid I'm about to have to go on one... moonrock j didnt do the job last night. Not a good sign lol

    How long do yall typically refrain on your breaks?
  14. I'm on tbreak atm, been a week. Ugh! Maybe another week? idk.
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  15. Yes i kno man this ome like i said had a heat problem but hey it still alive and well

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