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  1. I know its stupid cause i usually keep track of my dates, but i had 15 girls vegging and this one started to flower on me, that was roughly a month or more ago, the strain is lemon kush, i feel like 2-3 weeks and it will be chop time but i wanted your opinions. Here are the best quality pics i can get.

    Oh btw i got 130 watts of cfls, the tent is 1.5'x1,5' and its on 12/12.

    And another issue i always have late in flower, my soil has been wet for like 3 days without drying up so this is worrying me as the soil always drys daily, any ideas?
    Thanks blades!

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  2. Hard to tell but it doesn't look that big so you may have a little longer than 3 weeks left. Also I can see some burn on the leaves so not sure if u can sort that, maybe nute burn?
  3. I fed them kool bloom about 1-1.5 weeks ago at regular strength, and the closest feeding to that would prolly be 3-4 weeks ago with flora micro, other then that its been plain water, what kinda burn u think u see? I may have went a lil heavy on the kool bloom but only by a couple ml's. Also i tried flushing my soil about 3 days ago now and the soil has been drenched since, it doesnt appear to be getting any more dry
  4. And also the colas are getting very solid and feel really full, the pics might not illustrate it well but they are quite fat for the size of the plant :p

    I think my lights just arnt penetrating all sides enough so all sides arnt equally swollen in size
  5. Here is more pics.

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  6. how is your PH run-off...... if your ph is off its hard for you plant to uptake Nutes, so it might not be using what ur giving it...

    and also how is your drainage?
  7. You could try turning the plants 90 degrees every few hours while the lights on and also trimming fan leaves from the center of the plant and all the lower branches that aren't getting light.

    The branches that don't get light will only slow up the process as they will be drawing energy that could be better used for top growth.

    Once your plant is finished make sure you don't harvest it all if its not all fully mature, the tops will/should normally be finished first an be harvested to make new room for light to penetrate the lower parts that will in turn take maybe a few days or weeks longer to become fully mature.

    If this is for personal use then that's what I'd do but for other use then u may just want to harvest the lot but In the end for all the time you spent getting these girls where they are what's another week or so gonna hurt to get the whole lot turn out to be great ?

    Hope your grow goes well :)
  8. Drainage is good, and it is for personal, also i do not check my ph lol
  9. Is answering your own question for a start.

    Ph can be a fatal error of not corrected as your plant will get nute lock an will not take up what it needs. A good flush for a week then ph everytime u feed or water should help you out
  10. wait until you see calyx's starting to swell
  11. i still see alot of light hairs to wait till you see them receding into the buds alittle
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    Im definatly trying to flush out the soil but i just dont wanna moisten it now that its close to being dry. But i will start monitoring what my water goes in at, also i am waiting for them to swell and the hairs to receed, and i have a scope for checking trichs
  13. Yeah the trichs will tell u when its ready for sure. From what I gather if your plant is ph locked then it won't uptake hence the reason it won't drain properly, maybe next time u should add some perlite to your soil or upgrade to biobizz allmix it is perfect for what you are doing :)
  14. [quote name='"buddahaze1"']Yeah the trichs will tell u when its ready for sure. From what I gather if your plant is ph locked then it won't uptake hence the reason it won't drain properly, maybe next time u should add some perlite to your soil or upgrade to biobizz allmix it is perfect for what you are doing :)[/quote]

    Yea thanks man! I just bought soil with perlite already in there but i suppose i should of added my own, for now on i believe i will do 50% perlite in all my mixes. I will definatly flush and monitor ph
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    Yes stop watering as much is my first idea.Weed likes some dry time.It also promotes root growth which = more buds.Constant wet soil will stunt your growth bigtime.

    Next I can tell you this.Do not go less then 8 full weeks of flower on any strain.So if its been a month you got another month minimum.My rule is when I think its done flush,and go another full week.

    People are always to excited to chop.Your ruining all the work,and getting sub par bud.

    The best thing to learn is reading your trichoimes,and waiting till you have an even mix of cloudy,and amber trich's.A lot of newer guys will harvest when there are like 5% amber,and 50/50 cloudy,and clear trich's.This will get you high,but not for long,and its just a head buzz.If you want to get baked,and stay baked for 1-2 hour you need those amber trichs.Same with taste,and smell.It improves as well in my expirience.

    People get scared when they read "ohh if you get to much amber your THC quality is degrading".This is true,but thats if your getting 100% amber which I've never been anywhere near that ever.

    A lot of times youll need to go 9-10 weeks to get these results,but I promise you its worth it.

    BTW I'm not sayn your a noob,but thought I'd drop my 2 cents.

    Since your a CFL grower I'll drop the CFL grower's bible I call it.This guy will blow your mind.

    Marijuana BUDS for less - Grow 8 oz. of bud for less than $100 b (download torrent) - TPB

    This is a free book.Youll need a torrent downloader if you dont have one.Bit torrent,and utorrent are 2 i can think of.DL the left option.
  16. U seem to listen so u will do well if you soak up the advice people are giving you, try not to take on too much and remember its a weed it will grow anywhere but to get a good yeild conditions need to be optimum :)
  17. I flushed heavily last night hopfully the soil will look better by the time i get home from work tonight
  18. Update, since i flushed nothing seemed to improve so i am still flushing with my water going in at roughly 6 ph. I also moved the plant closer to the lights. The runoff has been around 8 ph
  19. It looks to me like you are over-fertilizing, and there seems to be an excess of nitrogen somehow. The plants are nowhere near ready.

    Genocide's advice is what most folks in the medical community do to monitor a plant's progress. If the calyxes are not swollen, then you have plenty of time left. Trying to read trichomes is not an exact science as genetics vary, and plant health does too. One thing you can be sure of is that the calyxes need to be swollen before you chop.

    Also, as far as the water uptake slowing...

    Water is always trying to move to the area of most concentrated salts/nutes/ppms. When the ppms in a growing medium suddenly increase (as with adding KB), the water is actually trying to LEAVE the plant (via the roots) because the area of most concentrated ppms is outside of the plant. The best way to avoid this is to gradually build up your application of KB.

    Hope this helps! =)
  20. 8 is too high and is inviting disease and deficiency. Hopefully you can bring this down soon. You will have to ph your water to much lower than 6 to achieve this! I would ph your water to below 4 to start, and once runoff gets below 7, ph water to 5.5 until runoff ph is below 6.7.

    The problem with trying to alter ph in soil with water is that the ppms of your water are very low. The ppms in your soil are very high! This means that the ph of your water has very little impact on your soil ph. Conversely the ph of your soil has a very big impact on the ph of the water going in!! You will probably find that it takes a very long time to bring the runoff ph down using ph 6 water... possibly the entire life of the plant or longer.

    Disciple is right about letting the soil dry out... flushing is good, but let the pots dry out a bit between flushes. If you start to see the leaves curling down, then you are overwatering.

    As far as the trichomes and the high you want... THC gives the more "up" high and CBD offers more of the sedative, pain-relieving effects. If you chop your plants early, you will have mostly THC which for some people is a more aggressive, less relaxing high. It's currently popular in Amsterdam to smoke immature cannabis, but it really comes down to personal preference. If you find smoking herb can lead to anxiety sometimes, then you may want to let your plants go long.... and find some nice relaxing indicas to grow. :smoke:

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