How much longer until i should flip to flower? (pics and details inside)

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Flip to Flower When?

  1. Flower Now.

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  2. wait 1 week.

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  3. wait 2 weeks.

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  4. wait 4 weeks.

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  2. What medium are you growing in?

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  3. I know it looks really muddy, i just watered and transplanted today- used a heavy blackstrap tea.

    Fox Farm Froggie, an extra bag of perlite mixed about 25% into the bottom half.
  4. In the next 5 days ill end up doing a paroxide wash- helps to air it out after i use these molasses teas
  5. im used to doing alot of microgrows.

    this one is one of the longest vegs i've done---

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  6. Idk how that things alive.

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  7. You should have ask for help before. I would flip and see what happened. The sooner you flip the sooner you can move on and start properly.
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  8. I keep a personal video diary, and now its legal in my state lol so ill share my videos here once i start flower and show how she grows out once every week.
  9. I wish you the best! Cheers and have fun
  10. Leaves have all turned up, and they are looking healthy---- I added another 2 bags of Happy Frog, dont judge my draining techniques lol i've never had over/under watering or root issues. --- =P
  11. I flipped to 11/13 May 29. --- I'll be switching to 600watt HPS June 19th. (solid 3 weeks).

    I'll be flowering for 8-10 weeks after switching bulb, i've ran this strain in my last microgrow, its sturdy stems and thick nuggets.
  12. (in the pic I shared above, she is the thickest plant in the microgrow
  13. My Entire Growing Medium Consists of:
    5, 3gal buckets FFHappyFrogg
    5, 1 gal buckets of perlite.
    6, 1 gal buckets of super soil (composted from previous grows- hence the muddle look in first pics)

    Most Happy Frog + Perlite is at bottom half of 30 gallon bin. (I have extensive drainage whole patterns in the bottom of bin, including 2 giant pipe wholes on either side, I water from center of bin. Drainage is pushing 20% into Giant turtle in a matter of 5-10 minutes (timed it at 15 mins during peroxide wash but thats normal, it bubbles).

    Added Supersoil to "BackFill" the transplant, and topped 2 bags of FFHappyFrog last night with a peroxide washe.' :)

    She's living strong.
  14. The "HELP" im looking for now, is what am i looking at as far as flowering from this sized plant. --- i've ONLY attempted micro grows in the past- this will be the largest i've attempted with LST/Supercrop. -
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    started on the cage today. - this is pretty much the extent of any caging I use. -- Just need to position/tighten it

    So as the plant fills in the center, i will gradually bend down towards the cage the limbs that reach the cage.-- Or at very least, LST the branches away from center and form with the shape of the cage.

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  16. RH setting 55-65, Temps 72-82
  17. feedback has been great so far.... lol

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