How Much Longer until Harvest?

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    How much longer do you think I'll have to wait until I harvest this plant? Also, how much do you think it'll yield? Are there any severe prematurity issues? Are the rusty-red spots on the leaves anything to be worried about?




    • Strain: Nirvana Short Rider (a short, feminized autoflowering strain)
    • Age: 48 days since it broke soil, 4 weeks into flowering (I think growth must have stunted at some point due to heat stress)
    • Humidity: 45%-55%
    • Height: about 2 ft.
    • Medium: 50% Foxfarm Ocean Forest, 25% vermiculite, and 25% perlite.
    • Nutes: 1/4 tsp per gal Jack's Classic bloom alternating watering.
    • Lighting: Eight 2700k CFL's at 1600 lumens each (12,800 total lumens), placed about 5 inches away from the canopy.
    • Temperature: 73-83 degrees F
  2. looking good...3weeks @ least to go...grab a 30x-100x magnifier and watch trichs in about 2wks...i like a 70-30/amber -cloudy's a pic of what to monitor...just incase...

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  3. 7 weeks,make sure there getting 12/12...
  4. Even for a Ryder it's not very developed. 3 weeks minimum, I'd say maybe five (but I've never grown out an autoflower fully).
  5. Also it's really, really big. That's really big. Kinda cool, frankly. Expect 2-3 oz.
  6. another 4 weeks at most probably, it looks ok to me but I am not familiar with that strain and I really never liked auto flowering plants - but if it works cool, just make sure its on 12/12 light now and whatever fertilizer you are using make sure its for flowering not growing
  7. if im not mistaken...its an indica dom hybrid right...? if so 7-8wks flowering...and you're at 4ws now so looking @ where u are..3-5wks more..start checking trichs like i said in couple weeks and go from there
  8. 3-4 weeks. lookin good though, just wait until they start plumpin up and sit back and watch

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