How much longer until harvest?

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  1. I stuck this outside sometime around first of the year, how much longer until you think this will produce bud?

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  2. about six weeks
  3. you think it might yield atleast an ounce? its from some very good bagseed, the plant itself has red hairs coming from the pistils but it still has tons of white hairs
  4. i really wouldnt set your hopes that high. you have to remember that when a plant dries it loses up to 75% of its weight. so your plant would have to produce about 4 ounces wet to produce a single ounce of finished product...
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  5. Doesn't look like you will get much off that at all eighth maybe? A quarter at your best...
  6. How much taller do you think that will grow?
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    Oh dear, all the above replies fail to address the question correctly. MJ responds to changes in the length of daylight. It is now April, and assuming that it is to be kept outside, that lil plant has a lot more growing to do before it will even begin to flower, when the plant detects that the length of day is decreasing, in about August. At the moment the length of day is INcreasing, and will continue to do so until 21 June.

    So put it in a MUCH bigger pot, with lots of nutes, this year I am using the above size, 11 UK gallons, more in US gallons. Over the next few months you will see lots of vegetative growth, the bigger the pot the better the veg growth and the higher the yield. It has started early, so no reason you could not get a pound of dried bud off that lil babe.

    My plants for this year have only just germinated, I always start about now, as I grow only outdoors and I can now guarantee sunshine until October. I got 50 ounces of dried bud from 4 plants last year, one lady gave me 16.3 ounces.
  8. i call bs there is no way! I wanna se a pic. and dude that thing wont even make a quater. let it keep growing till 80% of hairs are orange.
  9. When the hairs go brown is not an entirely relable way of judging when a plant is ready for harvesting, and so much depends on personal taste.
    All experienced growers use a little microscope to look at the colour of the trichomes, lots on this in FAQs. My personal choice is to harvest when about a quarter of the trichomes are amber, although others may consider that a little early.

    Here is one of my girls from last year, tied down, both for security, keeps a low profile, and it enhances yield, each branch acts like it is a main cola. I got 12 ounces of dried bud from that one. Tokeit´s plant has to do a bit of growing to get to that size, but it will be possible in a big enough pot with a good compost and ferts. He has three months of veg growth yet before it begins to flower.

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