How much longer to havest?

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  1. I am newbie grower, finishing up flower week 6 , fox farm soil, AK48 seed.
    Just started to flush, thinking I have about a week? Does that sound / look about right?

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  2. Grew that same strain under a 300w Mars Hydro LED. Took right up until the beginning of week 8 to finish (90% cloudy 10% amber) :)
    Here is a pic of her 1 week from chop
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  3. I am concerned about my leaves that developed some dark spots.
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    I would guess at least a week (buds still look white in second photo) you can only take a swag unless you scope your trichromes bro, dont sell yourself short buy not using your trichromes to judge harvest... those last couple weeks are when the magic happens, buds swell up and trichromes really frost up and can add a bunch of weight, some plants can stall but then within a few days the trichromes all cloud up...
  5. My plant started to drop a lot leaves as it was approaching harvest. Honestly I just rode it out until the plant was ready (I wouldn't try to diagnose problems this close to chop). Also I can tell that your buds could fatten up a tiny bit more just by looking at the hairs. The only way to tell if your plant is ready is to get a jewelers loupe and really get a look at the trichs.
  6. At this stage of the game dont worry to much about your leaves and definately do not add anything trying to correct them, some strains can look rugged the last couple weeks i wouldnt rush harvest because of any leaf issues, if you had a few weeks left then yea maybe
  7. Great, thanks for the assist. I'll wait. Patience is a virtue.
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  8. Just be patient, ak48 was one of my first successful grows and I ended up getting close to 2 oz's. Very rewarding in the end. Hope this helps :)
  9. Id say 2 or 3 weeks

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  10. So far so good. Thnx again
  11. Now your talking, you obviously have done a great job, after coming this far just hang on a little longer, time seems to stand still st this stage but once you make it thru a few times youll be an ol hat at it....
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  12. Upcoming NE heat and humidity, with signs of plant stress, and stalled bud growth were making me anxious to harvest. However over the last few days buds appear to have new growth and have rebounded nicely. All good for this first plant and first grow I think. AK48 week 6 flower 5.jpg
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