how much longer till harvest?

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  1. about to be 7 weeks into bud in 2 days. does it look like it needs 1 more week? the hairs are barely turning orange and many white hairs. is it alright to harvest if some hairs are white but the trichomes are cloudy, or cloudy/amber?

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  2. have u started flushing your plant yet? i would hold off another week or 2 when all the hairs turn orange and kindof retract into the bud and swell up......if u havent started flushing it yet you should....just use ph'd water with no nutes for 2 weeks.....when all ur leaves start turning yellow and your buds look nice and plump harvest her then....u will know when she is done....she will have a different look to her
  3. Do you know the strain? I grow mostly 60 day strains. That's 8 weeks.

    Another nice looking plant...
  4. bump.

    so when its ready, it'll look different from what is in the picture? and will it look a little bigger? chubbier?
  5. You need to watch the trichomes. Those are what's gonna give you the high that you want. A 50/50 milky, amber will give you a good balanced high.
  6. this.

    i always follow, when you think the plants ready to chop, wait another week. this way you know its matured nicely and will knock you on your ass!
  7. pick up a 100x magnifying pocket scope from radio shack....thats what i use and it works great....costs about $12 i think...

    you will know when its will look plumper and most those hairs will be orange/red and recede back into the bud and swell nice n fat.....alot of white hairs=premature

    make sure u watch the trichomes thox cuz that is whats important....
    and make sure you flush with plain water for 1-2 weeks

    also dont pick will regret it

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