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    Hey I have some unknown bag seed that i started indoors under some CFL's around April 17 and put outdoors early May, it showed hairs pretty early too. This picture was taken two days ago (August 14), I guess it would also help to point out that I'm in Canada, Ontario to be specific. I'm just looking for an idea of when it will be ready for harvest, also is this in full flowering yet? I heard that it usually starts around late August here but since I don't know the strain I was looking for a second opinion.

    Any information is appreciated, thanks in advance

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  2. If you can get a 60-100x mini microscope you can look at the trichomes, they should be almost all cloudy, some might be amber, and none should be clear.

    I also like all stigmas to turn red, my buds are typically filled with red hairs before harvest. Hope that helped, nice looking plant btw. :smoke:

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  3. Thank you for the reply, but last I checked, there aren't really any trichomes yet, so I'm guessing its still too early to really tell? Here's a picture of it on July 26. How many weeks into flowering would you say?

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  4. Not too sure on the time, but definitely not ready yet.
  5. Plant looks great, don't harvest yet, let her really put some weight on those buds, the last week of flowering is when it really happens.

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