How much longer till flip?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Smallgrowz, Jun 30, 2019.

  1. I’ve [​IMG]

    I’ve got 8 northern lights in dwc 8 pot kit in a 8x4 how long should I wait too flip?!

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  2. About 3 weeks ago!! :)
    Do you have a bigger room to flower them in? You know they will keep growing after you flip to 12/12. Sorry if Im stating the obvious. I'd do it today if you can.
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  3. wow... too late! you are in a pickle.
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  4. Im sitting here thinking what else you could do.
    You might top them all & do a huge defoliation & bend the crap out of them? Maybe remove a few plants to give you more room?
    Northern Lights grow very short. How long have these been in veg?
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  5. quick aggressive training, lollipop, scrog, switch to 12/12 right away and keep it under veg lights for the first 2 weeks of flower to reduce stretch. they can up to triple in size during flower.
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  6. Hey guys sorry was Abit of a tongue in cheek post so too speak
    they are 6weeks old, I’ve got 2x 200x200x200 grow tents to flower in, 4 in each, i was going to flower in this 8x4 but a unexpected house move stopped me from flipping them as didn’t want to transfer plants 4-5weeks in flower smell wise etc or shock, so had to let them grow it out, but new house comes with more space and a basement instead of loft so happy days!

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  7. I always super crop them so its perfect I'm my eyes

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  8. Your fine tie your branches down so they stretch sideways, and HST, combined with LST and flip ASAP

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  9. update?
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  10. [​IMG][​IMG]

    All done unfortunately with house move and 1 thing or another I couldn’t give them the light they needed and didn’t get the defoliation done I wanted or the chopping of lower branches earlier into the flower cycle weighting on it too dry I’m assuming only 15oz the whole grow was a lot of small buds I only had maybe 10 cola’s bigger than 8” but my next 1 has my attention and will for sure do much better

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  11. Also to add the picture was only couple weeks into flower didn’t get any of whole tent after this which is a shame was too busy to give it the attention it needed so turned into to just letting it be and what happen’s happens

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