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    Ok guys a big no no happened I had a breach in security people found out bout my grow and sketchy shit is happening around my grow room I'm pretty sure I should just be packing weight I've taken a couple samples and man was I blazed the only and one thing I could complain about is the taste n smell but the samples were just chopped and nuked in the microwave for a min or so didn't really trim but I don't no if I should just chop and take the loss as a lesson learned or try to continue on details and pics will come soon I'm so close but I got that feeling in my gut that something could happen and I don't want to be in the pen for 10 it's really Killin me i don't want to chop but it's really getting me stressed and paranoid

    Edit I'm in week 6 of flower trichs all over wat to to
  2. Definitely chop it your life is not worth a plant bro
    What is happening around your grow place if you don't mind me asking?
  3. It's in basement cellar doors off door open door to grow room open timer fucked with its been moved like 2 hrs ahead light bulbs randomly pulled out just really crazy shit
  4. Do u think I would still get Dec smoke I mean no flush buds are just starting to bulk up I no I need to chop but after this long it's so hard
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  6. First, if there is a way into your house that is not well secured, grow or no grow, you need to fix that.  Even if you pull, that doesn't mean your TV will be there when you come home.
    2nd, first rule about grow club is you don't talk about grow club.  Whatever happened that outed you, lesson learned.
    3rd, Once you pull, you should be done for a while growing.  People don't forget that stuff because it sounds like wherever you are from, growing is a big deal.  
    Maybe just fix that door or whatever and say "F" it and finish the herb's run.  And don't microwave it lol.  You lost a bunch of THC because it boiled off.  Put it in front of a heating vent and let that dry it out if you have forced air.  Not ideal, but only takes about 12-24 hours to dry out nugs that size.  A next day smoke if you will.  If you are paranoid about smell, well you shouldn't be growing lol and you can use a dryer sheet or anything smelly like soap to mask it.
    I'm high as a kite and that's why I said so much lol.
  7. I no microwave sucks but it was just spur of the moment wen I was drunk like huh I wonder if this will get me high yet lol but how much longer could it really be btw Tuesday is 7 weeks flower
  8. Let it go another 2-3 weeks if you can and add some more lights if possible.  Ideally you would own a cheap x60 scope from amazon that cost $7-10 with a light and use that to look at the trichomes (sticky blobs that make the buds/some leaves glisten).   Cloudy is a good sign it is close to done.  If you have a magnifier or can buy a cheap one at a local store (CVS, Walgreens, Rite-aid, wal-mart, target, etc.) you should be able to see them individually and discern their color (clear, cloudy, amber).  100% clear is not done.  Go for 50%-100% cloudy at least imo.  I run mine plants late generally to increase bud density on my sativa dom strains.  I don't get rock hard indica buds with only a 400w HPS and soil.  But I do get pretty high lol.
    From your pics it looks like you are doing a decent job, but if you spend a few hours reading and researching on the forums, you could up your game and produce more and better quality buds.  I hope this is helpful in some way for you :bongin:  
  9. It sounds like you have a serious security breech and someone is causing mischief.  How is it that someone is accessing your cellar?  Do you like in a shared building, or is this people you know messing around?
    Flushing is not necessary.  It is usually done by soil growers to remove the excess nutrients they added by feeding too much, to try to improve the taste of the smoke, but it's not essential for harvesting just common/recommended and some people say there is no difference.
    Different strains take different times to finish, some will be done by 7 weeks some will take 12 weeks or more.  It looks like this has a couple more weeks ideally, but if you have to then now will do.  It will still get you high (if you don't put it in the microwave) and better than getting arrested,
    It looks like you could get an extra bulb or two in there, it'll make all the difference next time.
  10. Ya I decided to chop and get this shit done with last time I didn't listen to this gut feeling resulted in cuffs so I said fuck it i no it can get me high and I can probably do something with the trimmings too so don't bother me much it was a real fight to actually chop now it's done and can't go back on it lol
  11. It is but I think after all the stress and being paranoid I'll can wait till its legal for my next try so once again didn't get to finish but at least got smoke out of it
  12. Update altho I chopped early because of problems well smoke report besides myself I said I'd was decent I smoked my friend up on it last night he took 2 hits and was done tonight he texted me and actually called it one hit quit shit which I never imagined anyone would call it that it made my day that it just microwaved bud not properly dried and cured just an update on smoke so far lol recently since I chopped I've been having a bunch of health problems it's almost as if someone was saying you wasn't put here to make car parts but to grow I no wat I grew is not one hit quit I feel pretty good after two pulls from my bong but I would love to grow for a living I no the industry in Colorado is over full but Alaska shouldn't be full at all yet I just wish I could do wat I love where I live without breaking the law and facing a decade in prison it may be alot of work and attention but growing is so amazing just seeing a seed turn into something beautiful and amazing and just being able to make another person feel good from wat you did with one seed

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