How much longer for this bud? quality pics

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  1. This plant has been growing outside since May. It was a guerrilla grow, it wasn't taken care of it was just let grow, thats why its just a small bud. I'm wondering how much longer until I should harvest? It is very frosty looking and if you zoom in on the pictures you can see all of the hairs are turning brown. Any opinions?

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  2. get a 420 scope and check the tricromes
  3. That is hardly done at all.

    It JUST started flowering it looks like.

    I had 100 watts of CFL and had a foot long cola.....
  4. um like 7 to 8 more weeks lol
  5. I know it's very small, but I'm suprised this plant has made it this far. it was planted in poor soil without good light, i moved it sometime in july to where it would get more light and since then the bud has grown. I just don't think it's ever going to be a high yielding plant, though I think the small bud on it is almost ripe. I mean the hairs are turning brown and it is very trichy, does't that mean it's almost mature?
  6. what he says
  7. Don't be impatient! Let it do its thing. Even though you have some great crystals going on, understand, that if you were to look at the trichomes under a 100x scope, they would all be clear. Let it go another few weeks, and let the buds swell. Stop watering it for now, completely. It's going to stress it out, and make it do what all plants tend to do (produce and grow as much bud as possible to reproduce). Flush it out with nothing but water in about two weeks, and you will have a much better yield. Good luck!

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