How much longer for my plant.

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  1. Hi everyone I wanted go about how much long do I need for my plant for a full harvest !
    Don’t want to harvest it too early. Thank you guys.

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  2. It's still too early. At least wait until most of your pistils are dry.
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  3. Buy a jeweler's loupe or a smartphone magnifier on Amazon for $10-$20. They're worth every penny when it comes to identifying pests and looking at trichomes.

    For trichomes, people have different preferences, but I think most would agree that if you think of cannabis flower as a fruit, ripeness would be represented by cloudiness of trichomes. Amber trichomes is it ripening further as the THC breaks down into CBN. Some people associate a couch lock effect and cloudiness in the head on the morning after with higher CBN. Clear trichomes means that it's not yet ripe.

    With indica CBD flower, I might prefer 30-40% amber. With indica or sativa THC flower, I prefer peak cloudiness with as little amber as possible.

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