how much lime?

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  1. so my soil mix will be all store bought - peat moss, perlite, compost, topsoil, in a 15 gal pot

    and from what i've read here it is advisable to add lime - how much?

    thanks and sorry if this has already been covered - but hard to search
  2. You need to check the ph of the soil mix before you add the lime. Lime only needs to be added if the ph is too low.

  3. not true lime and be added at any time, along with ph'ing the soil your also adding valuable calicum and magnesium to the soil....Some experienced grows only use lime as a macro and micro nutirent....

    1 to 2 cups per cubic foot, general rule...and mix it in really good, other wise you will experience root burn.

    also there are different types of lime make sure its dolimite lime and nothing me.....and get a fine grade, so the lime works into the soil faster....
  4. ^^ Yeah but lime is an alkali, so adding too much with a neutral soil/alkali soil may not be beneficial at all. That's why I'm saying test the ph first.
  5. so the lime will raise or lower the ph? cuz im mixing a nute mix also using bone meal blood meal and lime. i also have adv nutrients but i dont think im going to add it to the soil. i was wondering about this
  6. so i don't have time to test my soil ph - but can adding lime when the soil doesn't need it be bad? the guy at the store told me adding too much lime will have no added effect to the ph.

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