How much light is needed for just one indoor plant

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Cali_Toker, Apr 7, 2003.

  1. Ima just be growing one plant, no more. Not even really growin to get bud im just growin to give myself a new hobby in my spare time, and if i get some good weed outta it in the process than cool but if i fuck up then oh well its only one plant and life goes on.

    Anyways how much light would you say i need for just one plant, and where are some good physical shops to buy lights from. I hate ordering stuff online id much rather just go to a shop and pick out what i want, i hear most aquirium shops have the lights you need to grow, is this true ?? Any help would be appreciated.
  2. a 70w is good to just grow 1 small plant, u can get them as flood lights or securty lights from hardware or diy shops. if u want to use fluros then just get a few compact fluros, the type u use in ur normal house fittings but the highest watt 1s u can get, thats the cheapest way, then just add to them as the plant grows. u will have to keep it small tho.
  3. If your not really serious about growing just use fluoros, cheaper;).
  4. im proally going to the grow shop out here tommorow to check out lights, what should i be looking for. I dont mind spending more money because eventually down the road when i get a bigger place ill grow more.

    So is 100 w fine ? i want one of those ones i can hang from say like a closet rack ya know what i mean. About how much is this going to cost me

    also during germination how close should i have the light and how long should it be on.

  5. during germination, with a 100 watter, stay 6" away from the sprouts and keep the light on 24 hours a day [​IMG].
  6. really really dumb question but " is inches or feet ??? Math class was the class we allways skipped to smoke back in high school :p
  7. inches, lol

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