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    Since this will be my first grow with CFL and LED lights combined, I probably will ask a lot of questions. I've had two previous grows with HPS that went well but that was a few years ago. I actually was going to do this grow with HPS but the compassitor or igniter went one day after the seedlings cracked their casings.

    I begin reading here about CFL and realized I had a 13 watt bright light that I immediatly put on the seedlings. I think at least 3 of them are damping off on me as they don't have any water leaves, stem is green, but tip is brown, like they are burnt. One of them is developing a nice set of first leaves, while another one appears to be also.

    Is it possible for a seedling to come out of soil with very little or no water leaves and not die? The 3 that have no water leaves still have green stems. I germinated them in paper towels but the tap root was only half an inch long with I put them in soil.

    My first question, Is there such a thing as two much CFL light on a new sprouting? I have three 27 watts of GE daylight on them, that I purchased yesterday at Home Depot, is that too much?

    My second question, if I can remember from doing this is in the past, I had been lucky with just planting my seeds in soil, misting the soil once or twice a day and covering with a piece of cellophane so it acts like a greenhouse. Within usually 5 or 6 days I had life. Isn't there a shock for the seed going from paper towel to soil?
    I guess I need to take some pictures of my problems and let the rest of you give me some input.
  2. I read on another post that you really can't have too much light when it comes to CFL. I guess I should lurk before I post. LOL

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