How much light do clones need?

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  1. Hello thanks to all for answering my last thread on transporting clones.:hello:
    Ive got the clones now in cups of water, until the cloner is here and put together.
    (I'm building the forskin cloner:rolleyes: then going to the rumple bubblebucket:cool: )
    I've read differant things on cloning some say 24/24 some say not much light at all.
    So my question is how much lights do clones need in the begining?
    Please help GC:smoke:

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  2. i run 10 clones under a 70watt cfl n its plenty
  3. Is the clf its self 70w or is the cfl equal to a 70wat bulb?
    Do you run the light 24/24 or some other system?
  4. good question, had all three of mine die, will try again next time, will need to master it then, one more grow of mexi-swagg until i get some WW seeds... making sure i know what i am doing before spending the cash on seeds...
  5. i had one 100w equivalent cfl on each of my clones in my veg room. it was sufficient but i want to make nice bushy clone moms so i will be doing lots of pruning & such. i added one fixture for each plant for side lighting & the difference is very noticeable in the side branches. cfls don't have the greatest light penetration so side lighting should be done if you can make it work's ok but not great - about 150w total gets like 12000 lumens of daylight. i'm gonna get t5's when i upgrade - 5000 lumens per 54w bulb. money is butt tight unfortunately.

  6. Hey thanks for the info, I've got a 70w cfl = 300 watt bulb (on 24/24) on ten clones still sitin in the cups due to slow shiping. I change the water every night, so far they seem to be fine. But my plan is to have 2 t5s and a hps/hailde 600watt on 6 plants.
  7. that's gonna be righteous.

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