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How much light do clones need?

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by killraven, May 1, 2013.

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    I'm building a mother/cloning cabinet and I was wondering how much light I would need in order to get the clones to root. The top portion of the cabinet is going to have a separate shelf for the clones, only about a foot high. I don't want to veg at all, simply root them and transfer them to my tent. A buddy of mine has a single clf tube lighting system that will run 24 watts. I was thinking about buying it from him and using that to root any clones I take.

    So would 24 watts be enough to root clones or would I need more? The walls and floor of the shelf are going to be covered with mylar if that makes a difference. I'm running low on funds so I'm trying to scrape by with the minimum for right now.
  2. You want the light levels low, like so the photosynthesis action on each clone is just ticking over, 15w - 25w CFL/flouro is ideal
  3. Awesome! Thanks! Just what I wanted to hear :D

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