How much light and spacing is needed for 6 nft plants

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  1. My brother wants me to design a grow room. And I have a couple questions for all of you. The plan is to grow 6 NYC Diesel autos. In a nft system. First question is what spacing do I need for 2 rowed of 3? Second question is what lights should I use. Can I get away with four mars 300 watt leds? Or do I need more? Maybe six of them? Any and all input is greatly appreciated thanks.
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  2. Way too many variables, does he want huge plants? I'd go 4 1000 watt lights but that's me

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  3. He would like 1-2 lbs from 6 plants but he's on a budget and he would like to go all led. I agree with you on 4 1000watts but he can't afford it. Unless you have a good link to a 1000w that's reasonable.
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  4. Just remember what you'll need to do to control temps under 4 K's...

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  5. Pretty much spend as much on lights as you can, I'm in Queensland where outside temps get around 39 with 80% H and all I use is a 12" exhaust fan works great

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  6. If he's on a budget he shouldn't buy hps or led. They're way too expensive. T5s work great for autoflowers. They're much cheaper and a lot less heat than an hps. Depending on how big your room is you will probably need 2, 4ft, 8 bulb T5s at 400w a piece. I bet your 4 leds would work fine though too. And its cheap if you already own them. If you have anymore questions, I would ask the grow boss on you tube about lighting.

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  7. Can those t5's do the entire grow by thamselves?
  8. Anyone know if the quantum 16 bulb fixture can do 6 plants? And what bulbs needed for veg than bloom?
  9. T5s can do veg and flower for autos. Some ppl might mix in some red spectrum bulbs too during flower, but you don't have to. They will also work just as well for photo period plants too.

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  10. As far as spacing goes with your'll need to leave plenty of space between all when in flower so light can penetrate the canopy of the plants. Otherwise, you don't get good bud development out of anything below the canopy/tops. Lighting: To get the most harvest weight out of each, along with space the plants need the same high wattage/excellent quality light coverage. You should not have to raise a lamp just to cover all the plants. LEDs are great lights, very expensive (IMO) for the amount of coverage you get (sq ft wise) and will require more lamps for 6 plants because they only shine straight down and do not cover much space. From what I've seen on the market, looks about like 1 light per plant. You can't raise them very far away from the tops of the plants or you lose light strength and the plant will just stretch to try and reach the light. Also, the cheaper the light....the cheaper the quality 99.9% of the time with grow lights. The truly high quality lights are still outrageously expensive. We flower with 1000 watt HPS lamps but only run 2 plant per light. This greatly raised our overall harvest weight rather than trying to flower several plants with one lamp. Want plant and light to be as close as possible, without causing light burn, during the flower cycle to get the best harvest weight out of each.

    You might consider looking into a new type light that is out on the market now by Hydrofarm. It's sort of a combo between the HPS and HID and has the ultraviolents (blues and reds) in it that you don't get in plain old HPS lamps. They are much cooler than the standard HPS lamps and you get better yield out of a smaller light. The 600 watt does the job of the 1000 watt because it has all the color spectrum covered where the plain old HPS lamps do not. You can buy these lamps (and they also come with the larger, vented hood styles which will cover more sq. footage on the floor, and more plants per light. I've been doing some research on them and called my guy at the gardening store I use and talked to him about them. He said the LED manufacturers were having a heart attack because of the way this lamp produces at such an inexpensive price and still mates the production of the LEDs. Now....after explaining all of this to you, I cannot for the life of me think of what those lights are called. LOL Oh yea, they're called Phantom CMh. Have a look at them and see what you think. I'm going to buy one and give it a test, but if they perform like I believe they will, I'm going to convert over to them instead of just straight HPS. The HPS works wonderfully well as far as producing buds and beautiful plants (plants love them), but they are very hot. To get enough HPS to flower of 6 plants like you're planning on, you're going to have to come up with a way to handle the heat they put out which means a ducting system, etc. But for the cost of good quality LEDs, you could install several HPS systems and the stuff to keep them cool, etc.

    I would do a LOT of reading and scanning different setups here on the forum before I spent a dime. When putting together an indoor grow, it's super easy to blow money that you didn't need to. So take the time and truly educate yourself before you spend money. is a great website to use to buy products (especially Hydrolux bulbs super cheap) and get advice. Their staff gladly will answer questions about anything you might want to know. They're informed and have saved my butt several times. So if you want to speak with pros, either call or tag up with them on the net. Best of luck.
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  11. Man thanks a lot I really appreciate all that. It's is very helpful. Your the man.
  12. The grow boss is great, the video your referencing is great but he must be selling those t5's himself lol. I think advising someone to get t5's to flower isn't soo good, expecially if there already thinking about leds.
    The way the grow boss suggests you'll have to grow under a perfect scrog.

    I'd say get the dimentilns of your grow space. It will be much easier to judge then How many and what watt LEDs you'll need. Or maybe you could even get hps.

    So what size room/tent/closet? And what you do you have already. I'm sure then you'll get many recommendations.

    Good luck.
  13. What I have already is one eighth bulb t5 with 8 red 3000k and 8 blue 6500k. The floor plan is anything I want (empty basement) wit 7' sealing. I'm thinking I can grow 2 many 3 with this light. I would like to use this light but 6 plants would be nice.
  14. Are you going to scrog? Are they 4x4ft or 2x4ft?
    IVe been reading up on them lately because I'm going to get the 2ft ones when I finally manage to get a tent just for veg.
  15. It is the 2'x4' ones. Can I scrog a auto?
  16. That's a point, just lst is it?

    Your going to need a led or hps to get 1-2 pound from your 6 plants I think. I'm going by, they say you can get between 10-21 ounces of a 600w in a 4x4 space. (With his or led equivalent)

    Using T5 Grow Lights for Cannabis | Grow Weed Easy

    With the new high output lights such as the T5, fluorescent lights can be used until the plants are about 24 inches tall, which is just enough to grow a very short plant through to the flowering stage

    So you see I don't think they will work you. How much are the lights you were looking at? Getting 4 or 6 lights can't be cheap..
  17. I
    I was looking at the mars 300 watt led. But now I'm going to do 2 plants under a 8 bulb t5 432watt. And maybe add some 300 watt Leds later on
  18. Good luck bro! start a journel keep us posted.

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